“Be the kind of Woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning, the Devil says: “Oh Crap, She’s Up…”

Good Morning Ladies (and the few men who dare to ‘follow’ me).

Stopping by to tell you that I am taking the weekend off from here; I’ve got shit to do – laundry, Target shopping, hair, cleaning, dry-cleaners, etc etc. Woman-stuff.

I wish you all a fantastic weekend! Squeeze every drop of anything you want out of it! It’s yours; ride it hard and sure!!

See you Monday? In the meantime, remember that life is to be enjoyed, savored, marveled at, tasted, sipped, stroked … you get it. Let’s keep that in mind. So, when the situations arise that confuse, anger, perplex, flabbergast, shit, downright piss you off, don’t yell, never lose your girl-swag; calmly, clearly, lovingly pull up a chair, cross your legs, look life directly in the eye, smile and say; ‘let’s address this…”




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