Ladies, Let’s Vow To Pay As Much Attention To Our Breasts As Men Do…



I am 44. I am funny. I am 5’5″. I am married. I am opinionated. I am a medical professional and have been for (holy cow; you don’t realize how time flows until you start counting) 23 years. I am a mom. I am a great daughter. I’m a delightful friend. I mind my own damned business unless someone asks for my opinion. I love the way the sun feels on my skin. I hate the way cold wind pinches my skin. I am no longer the size 2 as I was in my 20’s; but I still quite like what I see in the mirror. I am loyal as all hell. I laugh frequently and like the sound it makes. I have ‘cheese’ on my thighs. I say all that to say, I’m a pretty regular girl.

So why the hell would a regular ‘ol girl like me be randomly diagnosed with breast cancer?

I don’t know either. But by the time I was 42, I was.

Cousin has this amazing blog. She came up with this incredibly necessary idea to address women’s issues, questions and concerns – from the trivial to the taboo; a place for us to hold ‘virtual hands’ so that we may share actual laughs, smirks, tears, groans, teeth-sucking, eye-rolling and head-nodding. A hang out without the caffeine highs or alcohol lows.

So when she approached me to contribute to this love-project by sharing the breast cancer experience (notice I called it “the” not “my”? We can talk about that in one of these here posts!), I was elated, horrified, excited, reluctant and jittery. I mean, I don’t want it to define me; but I damn sure can’t pretend it hasn’t changed me. So my intention will be to periodically share some of the chapters of my story. Sometimes in retrospect. Sometimes in real time. Sometimes forecasting.  Always from my heart.

This is the first installment.


Let’s Address This: I don’t know about you all, but there is lots to say about this! First, “thank you” my darling Cousin; my best friend and travel-companion through this thing called ‘life’; for being brave, strong and an amazing example of courage to all who know you – the very least of whom is your daughter.

For the rest of you who may have something to say, please ‘click’ on those three dashes above my logo, then scroll down until you see the title of the post you would like to comment on. Select that individual post, scroll to the bottom and share away!

Ladies, feel up yourselves! Touch. Check. Examine. Scrutinize. Ask. Question. Talk. Stay Healthy. We have soooooo much more living to do and things to address! Me.


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