‘LOL’ Means: Live Out Loud!

Cousins & Me

Today I’m going to dial it back. I have taken a look at the topics we have touched on this past week – virginity (or the lack thereof), aging and the parallel emergence of the ‘cougar’ and ‘dirty ole man’, we exposed (pun intended) how clothing can change other’s perception of you; shit … your perception of yourself! That craggy gentleman, Mr. Twain gave us some words we should absolutely heed – so, for those that have your delivery settings to once a week or the others that wait until the weekend to read it all, there you have it, the week in review J

Today, let’s just kick it; nothing too deep or thought-provoking; but as always, in true Fury-style, always meaningful. How are you? I do hope that you are very very very well. I am hoping that every day you are electing to live the life that best speaks to the soul of who you are! I pray that you are not giving in, giving up, succumbing to, denying or bowing down to any situation or person that seeks to silence your light in the hope that it brightens their glow.

The very first paragraph of my ‘About Me’ page documents one saying that well, is over-said; here’s another to that list, “life is short”. I have such angst with this as well. I have looked at it, turned it around, held it upside down to see if anything more meaningful and substantial falls out; nothing. Sigh. “Life is short”. How do you feel about that? Do you also find it insulting in its triteness and exorbitantly simplistic in its inaccuracy?

There is a fantastic quote (from that craggy gentleman again) that goes this way, “all generalizations are false; including this one” and I believe that that is what about the afore-mentioned quote that I reject. Life can be short; but then, so can we and our clothing and our hair and our sexual encounters and our nails and…well, you get it. But, luckily the inverse can and is also true for all these things AND for life.

What I believe was meant to be imparted is also the sentiment I mirror for you and myself – love your life. Live your life. LIVE your life. Live YOUR life. Live your LIFE. Today and every single God-send day, please be brave enough, strong enough, proud enough, smart enough, happy enough, bold enough and grateful enough to


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