“Of All the Gin Joints in all the Towns In All The World, She Walks Into Mine…”


When I migrated to, not just the United States, but New York City, I knew I was finally “home”. You see, “home” to me is the place where you are most completely yourself; that one place where you experience total acceptance and freedom. Home.

Since that day an eon ago, New York has never evicted me; in fact, this city has continued to renew my lease every year; I am a valued tenant. We have agreed on a couple of things: no one would love either of us more than either of us J . My love affair with this city is however not as much romantic as it is pragmatic – New York City is one of those places that leave the decisions up to you. It is neither shy nor coy. It lays all its options and opinions in front of you, then patiently but eagerly waits on your responses. Very much like a man courting a woman.

In all my travels have I encountered a city with as much swag; and it is this bold and daring style that embraces and feeds itself from the vibrations of all who live here and are brave enough to share. This culture allows you to be who you are today and, if tomorrow your soul tells you you’re someone else, that ‘you’ is also welcomed. No rejections. I have recarnated (probably not a word; but like I said…this is New York!) and incarnated many times over! I have experienced such freedoms that out of spite and joy, I have deliberately found, lost, then found myself again! I think in all these years, I have been allowed to be me, you, her, shit…sometimes for the hell of it, him! I have tasted most, loved a lot and spit out some of New York! I have allowed myself to be seduced and sometimes, I am allowed to be the seductress!


My point? Well, let’s address this. When, if you take advantage of the magic that is this city, you realize what a wonderment of experiences and exquisite moments there are…#everyfuckingwhere! When, if you decide to take a leap of faith, you will inevitably discover that along that journey, even as you jump over other experiences and outcomes, you land, if not where you planned to be, definitely, absolutely, unequivocally where you should be!

Yesterday, I walked out of my office to go to the bathroom. On my way there, a guest stopped me by calling my name; loudly. “Fury!” she said. Naturally I stopped, while she ordered me to stay put and wait for a hug. While she extricated herself from the banquet she sat in with a friend, I frantically flipped through my mental rolodex to identify her; after all, I must know her; she clearly knew me! Just before the moment that we hugged each other (I never pass up what promises to be a great hug), she exclaimed: ‘I read your blog”! Forty minutes later, with tears in my eyes most of the time (and I forgot all about the bathroom run), I sat and listened to a stranger, (hopefully one day, a friend), tell me all about myself – through her eyes, from reading my words!

So, I thank New York; and, I thank Cheryl (it could also be spelled with a twist, Sherly J ). These two collided to again create one of those experiences that, if you’re lucky, you get to not only live, but to write about!


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