The ABC’s Come Long Before The Birds And The Bees



Yesterday, I advocated for choosing to spend your Sunday anydamnwayyoulike and my choice was, in between naps, to spend the day watching the Law & Order SVU Marathon. Father help me! I do not know why I did it to myself; but now I’m gonna do it to you!

I am not typically a fan of SVU and the reason is simple – the level of depravity that is depicted being done to mainly children, is something that I cannot stomach. I am more of a Criminal Intent kinda girl; if bad things need to happen (and it seems they do), I can appreciate the even exchange when comparable bad-guys match wills and wit. So, Saturday was the day with my Goren; yesterday I spent with Detective Benson, Stabler, Munch, et al. However, regardless of the particular series, in my opinion the Law & Order chronicles as a whole continue to be the best written TV series of all time! The subjects and topics they touch are always, as they say, “ripped from the headlines”, which make them all the more disturbing when you realize that even though the characters are fictional, the storylines are not.

They say that when I am finished with my formal education, I will have attained the knowledge and credentials to treat a segment of those in our community who are victims. Because of my history, I have elected to marry my personal experience with an education that allows me to help and heal women; victims of domestic abuse. But I have to be honest – a small part of that decision was based on the fact that it is easy to identify these victims … as valid victims. Let me address this: as part of my education thus far, I have come across topics and have been called upon to participate in role-play scenarios; social worker / client. I have been asked to sit across from a fictional client who presented as a pedophile. I was expected to view him as a victim, as being “ill”, as a human being. My responsibility was to counsel and help him. I failed. I continue to be proud that I did.

As the name ‘Sexual Victims Unit’ depicts, it uncovers the levels of sexual deviances that so-called adults inflict upon each other and on our most innocent and vulnerable; they also highlight the lures and excuses that are used to execute said depravity. Highly disturbing. Incredibly true. I watched the prevalence of human trafficking with the stunned realization of how very lucrative this ‘business’ is. It is enough of an outrage when crimes are committed against adults and the elderly; but my God…the babies! To realize that there is a cross-section of populations spanning the globe that can look at our children, both male and female, most barely out of ages that are in the single digits and find them appropriate as sexual partners is reprehensible!

I was and still am left wondering what can be done; short of becoming so very paranoid and locking our children in their rooms without telephones, televisions and computers! Home-schooling them so that they are shielded from outside influences! The reality of what can and is lurking out there and not ‘around the corner’ as we expected the boogieman to be, but anywhere, everywhere and looking just like you and me, can be paralyzing.

I will continue on my path to help those that I consider the victims. There will never be enough education to convince me that a man (and I use that term extremely loosely) deserves my help and empathy because he “cannot control his urges” and violates our children! I will continue to reject the school of thought that deems his behavior an “illness”! He IS sick however – sick-ening!! The only thing he will get from me is the contempt, disdain and calls for his castration that I think he and all like him deserves!

My outrage aside (because I recognize that the exploited need so much more than that), I will take some time to educate myself about the reality of this worldwide epidemic. Let’s read and learn what we can do to keep our own children safe; and once we have done that, let’s see if we can help, in any big or small way, those in need. Those missing. Those in danger of being exploited. Those innocents who do not even know they are in danger. Sometimes, awareness makes all the difference for a child’s safety and in a child’s life.

Please join me in gaining more insight and in arming ourselves with the knowledge necessary to protect our children. Check this out: :

And, because we can’t call Olivia and Elliot to help us if we need, thankfully in every borough in New York there is a Special Victims’ Squad. Here is what they investigate:

  • Any child under 13 years of age that is the victim of any sex crime or attempted sex crime by any person
  • Any child under 11 years of age who is the victim of abuse by a parent or person legally responsible for the care of the child
  • Any victim of rape or attempted rape
  • Any victim of a criminal sexual act or an attempted criminal sexual act
  • Victims of aggravated sexual abuse
  • Victims of sexual abuse in the first degree

Additional Purview:

  • Sex Offenders Monitoring Unit (SOMU): Monitors all state designated sex offenders to ensure they are in compliance
  • Special Victims Liaison Unit (SVLU): Provides educational lectures to community and advocacy groups, schools and medical institutions concerning public as well as personal safety
  • DNA tracking unit (DNATU): Tracks and coordinates all scientific evidence relating to investigations involving sexual assault

I spent most of yesterday in fear and in tears. Today, I am changed because of both…

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