Well…Your Slogan Does Say: “If You See Something, Say Something”

IMG_20140818_191701Yesterday I had the commute from hell trying to get home from work! The ‘4’ to the ‘A”; oh wait….no ‘A’ train service; but a disturbed man running around cursing people and throwing bottles at us! Back upstairs to brave getting back on an always over-crowded ‘4’; wait, wait, wait for it (and no; not in the cool “wait for it” kinda way; I was literally waiting for it!). Off at Nevins Street, hoping to get a taxi the rest of the way home; yet another 45 minute wait, to then get in a taxi and have the driver hit on me for the entire 20 minute ride! Enough!!

So much so, that today I am going to give both of us a break from all my introspection…still traumatized!

But, I am putting everyone on notice right now – one day very very very soon, you will be hearing my thoughts on this gentrification-business; and there are many (as I’m certain you too have a lot to say on it)! For today, I will leave you with this thought/memory: black people…do you remember the time when you would get on the train at rush hour in Manhattan, heading home to Brooklyn? And, do you remember when, on a packed train, you would smartly stand in front of a seated white person because you just knew they would be getting off the at a stop no later than Wall/Chambers/Park Place? Remember that?

This freaking gentrification-business has white folks riding deeper into Brooklyn than I and hogging all the seats! Things are so topsy-turvy, now they’re standing in front of us, waiting on our seats!!! Shit! I’m all kinds of confused! I mean, if a sister can’t depend on segregation, what the hell can she depend on!! Ha-ha.

Just playing…but it would be nice to get a damn seat!

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