Well…Your Slogan Does Say: “If You See Something, Say Something”

IMG_20140818_191701Yesterday I had the commute from hell trying to get home from work! The ‘4’ to the ‘A”; oh wait….no ‘A’ train service; but a disturbed man running around cursing people and throwing bottles at us! Back upstairs to brave getting back on an always over-crowded ‘4’; wait, wait, wait for it (and no; not in the cool “wait for it” kinda way; I was literally waiting for it!). Off at Nevins Street, hoping to get a taxi the rest of the way home; yet another 45 minute wait, to then get in a taxi and have the driver hit on me for the entire 20 minute ride! Enough!!

So much so, that today I am going to give both of us a break from all my introspection…still traumatized!

But, I am putting everyone on notice right now – one day very very very soon, you will be hearing my thoughts on this gentrification-business; and there are many (as I’m certain you too have a lot to say on it)! For today, I will leave you with this thought/memory: black people…do you remember the time when you would get on the train at rush hour in Manhattan, heading home to Brooklyn? And, do you remember when, on a packed train, you would smartly stand in front of a seated white person because you just knew they would be getting off the at a stop no later than Wall/Chambers/Park Place? Remember that?

This freaking gentrification-business has white folks riding deeper into Brooklyn than I and hogging all the seats! Things are so topsy-turvy, now they’re standing in front of us, waiting on our seats!!! Shit! I’m all kinds of confused! I mean, if a sister can’t depend on segregation, what the hell can she depend on!! Ha-ha.

Just playing…but it would be nice to get a damn seat!

3 responses to Well…Your Slogan Does Say: “If You See Something, Say Something”

  1. Russell, Cheryl

    Fury, this post was so true. I remember when I worked on Wall Street and lived in the Bronx (I rode to the next to last stop on the #5). I would definitely pick a white person to stand in front of because they got off the train at 86th street.

    “I mean, if a sister can’t depend on segregation, what the hell can she depend on!! Ha-ha”. HYSTERICAL!!!!!


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  2. Let's AdDress This... – Author

    Ha-ha; yes, these are indeed interesting (and exciting) times we live in; and….I am delighted to be a part of it all! In and of itself, how blessed are we to not only benefit from the freedoms and advantages of, simply and peacefully living next door to and together with so many diverse cultures – I/we can speak of and poke fun at it, loudly, without fear of reprisals! Praise all and any who we believe in! I commend the day/hour/minute/second that the first “other” person – whether white in black or black in white – moved into a neighborhood and added some much needed color to it! Shoot….need to keep some of these thoughts for the follow-up blog; you ladies have me addressing it! Ha!


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