“Listen To The Song Here In My Heart…”

I came to you an innocent

Thinking you were angel sent

The first touch came from you to me

Under your guidance I shaped the woman I came to be

You watched me grow up and took your time

I was patient; thinking you were mine

I figured what I gave to you was beyond measure

I figured what I gave, you would always treasure

So, I worked and worked and did alright

I left it on the table night after night

I left myself bare and showed it all

Depending on you to catch me if I were to fall

You did your thing and matched my hustle

I kept it soft; you flexed your muscle

Together we became a force

So much so, eventually we said “of course

And then she came; she made us three

It’s you, it’s her, it’s y’all for me

To them I give what they deserve

But I always keep for you in reserve

So now I am a woman in love

And my world was rocked because of my sister’s shove

Private became public and the rumors flew

With everyone speculating what we were going to do

Silence has always been my weapon of choice

Until I am ready, then I use my voice

I sing the emotions that are in my heart

I sing it so I don’t fall apart

Celebrity. Role Model. Icon. Wife.

Feeling the pain as sharp as any knife

I am yours; you vowed to be mine

Why put all we have on the line?

Look beyond the moves; please look behind my eyes

Look way down deep where the pain lies

Listen to my words, how they honor you

Then look at our creation; baby please look at Blue

I am simply a woman in love

Whose world was rocked because of her sister’s shove

But the sight of you still brings out the child in me

My beloved, you are still my destiny


So many of us have been here (well, not exactly here), but the “here” with a broken heart; in fear and confusion, in pain. I dare to imagine I know what she feels; I dare to speak some of the words I imagine she would like to… Fury.

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