My “BFF” Is My “Best Foot Forward”


I woke up this morning after a night of, well, not restlessness; but peacelessness. Have you ever had that kind of night? Do you know what I mean? It’s rest; no tossing and turning and waking up, counting those animals. But, while asleep, your being is awake; seeming to want to chat, to discuss things; shit, it wants to address things!

So, in slumber what was on the agenda for my being and me, was trying to make sense of the complexities of human nature (boy am I glad I didn’t wake up for that!). I continue to be fascinated and oftentimes, flabbergasted at the maze that is the human being. I marvel at the brilliance and fore-thought that my God invested in the blue-print of man’s physical being; but sheesh…I can’t help but wonder what He could have been thinking when He got to our ‘insides’!

Okay, maybe it’s unfair to pin this on Him; maybe this snafu belongs squarely on our shoulders, manifesting itself through the decisions we make and the actions we take. Maybe we are all just embarrassingly simply a sum-total of our decisions. Perhaps we were all born in identical nothingness; the chalk waiting on the lip of the blackboard for us to begin writing our personas.

Here’s the thing – I think some people have written their lives with way too many spelling and grammatical errors! Christ! I marvel at the “me” that some are seemingly very comfortable being; choosing to move through this one life as marginal human beings, instead of making use of the eraser on top of the pencils…and correcting their mistakes. The epidemic that is spreading that allows for some to assume positions of arrogance and ignorance, instead of humility and insight is one that deeply bothers me.

Let’s address this: we all make mistakes. Lord knows, I commit some daily! But, what I am addressing is not the act of the infraction; but how one chooses to re-act about same. The problem for me lies in the attitude that some adopt when it comes to remaining resolute in their (let’s call it what it is), stupidity! So many dig their heels in and demand that you do the adjusting; that you accept them as they are; staunch in their ignorance!

Here’s another thing – God is my “boy”; but I think His biggest mistake was trusting us with free will! Ha-ha. Seriously. What the hell could He have been thinking, allowing us to run amok like this; leaving us to make important decisions without immediate, adequate supervision? Hahahaha. Okay; I said immediate supervision because what He did do, was create a thing called “karma”; and some (probably a man) has likened it to, well, ahem, a female… dog J

All levity aside, we need to censure ourselves. We all need to establish a moral compass that assists in the quality of the decisions we make. The “thing in our pants” that we’re happy about should be the yardstick that is used to measure the length of our tolerance and the breadth of our fairness and wisdom. We should all get familiar with the adage, ‘treat others the way we want to be treated”. Unfortunately, many of us go through life expecting and oftentimes demanding goodwill and compassion from others; while doling out disrespect and dishonor. Additionally, very few seem willing to accept the consequences or ramifications of their decisions.

IMG_20140831_110023The truth is, there is no need to climb on the backs of others in order to achieve our desired goals. This absolutely wonderful world we inhabit has the ability to make room in order that each of us get what we deserve 😉 . Oh boy. There truly is enough to go around; and, more than enough to share. My victory will never be at the expense of your loss or pain. This is such a beautiful planet we live on. It can be such a remarkably amazing life we lead; if only we were to stop and think benevolently before we act. It truly only takes a few seconds to decide to treat others well; yet the wake of ill-treatment can last a lifetime.

I am fully aware that “it takes all kinds” to make up a world; diversity and all that jazz. But, how about we apply that truth to the color of our skin, the texture of our hair, the flatness or point of our noses, round, plump or flat asses, the slant or round of our eyes, our cultural norms …you get where I’m going; and shy away from the differences that identify us as moral v immoral people –  by simply choosing option A.

You express the truth of your character with the choice of your actions…”

3 responses to My “BFF” Is My “Best Foot Forward”

  1. nebulox

    I speak from past personal experience when I say we humans oftentimes classify and condemn what we were and glorify what we are in order to justify the present-day decisions we are making to live our lives.
    If we stop being so hard on who we were in the past do you believe that as a whole we could learn to forgive others easily and live in a more accepting present-day???

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    • Let's AdDress This... – Author

      ‘Nebulox’, I appreciate your insight and thought process with regard to this; thank you. Let me say this – there is no having the ability to forgive others, if we do not at first, forgive ourselves. The act, or dare I say, the art of forgiving is indeed one of the most difficult to acquire; in either direction. It is also quite underrated. Having said that however, once we have done that, the truest test of our sincerity would be in the non-repetition of the same action or behavior. So, to answer your question – because we are not able to “go back” and erase any action that we have already committed, all we are left with is the ability to move forward. So yes, there is a certain amount of letting go of the past shit that naturally needs to happen. However, not at the expense of callousness or unwillingness to attempt to correct or acknowledge the truth and the presence of the fall-out. Whew! Shit! Okay…


      • nebulox

        “Acknowledge the truth”

        What is ever the truth?

        two who share a different “truth” and can’t agree to disagree end up fighting over something.

        There’s harmony in agreeing to disagree. Or at least I believe there could be. Do you think relationships would last longer and grow stronger if that happened more?


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