“…It’s A Girl”

There are so many moments in this life that we should give thanks for; that we should acknowledge how truly blessed we are to be able to enjoy, to taste, to savor, to experience.

It is my humble opinion that one of the most special of these is the birth of anything. If we were to truly connect with the unquestionable miracle that is life, we might stop treating it so very cavalierly; appreciating not only the sheer magnitude of this miracle, but be humbled at the honor of getting this front row seat to the “greatest show on earth”.

A few short years ago 😉 on this day, yet another miracle happened; that miracle was named Cheryl. Please join me in wishing her a very very “Happy Birthday”! Cheryl, I speak for the entire “LAT” community in wishing you many more years of happiness, success, contentment, passion, peace, knowledge, fascination, excitement, laughter, good health and loads and lots of Prosecco J

IMG_20140906_142520Have an amazing day, my new friend. I thank you for believing we will one day meet; and in doing so, making my life that much more colorful!

Happiest of Birthdays!


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