Life is great; but we must still eradicate hate

Things can be tough; but He’s there when you’ve had enough

He wipes my tears; my God! He quiets my fears

I’m skinny like a waif; need Him to keep me safe

There are senseless wars; people are still breaking laws

Children living on the street; Veterans being kicked by our feet

So many without money; even more who are hungry

Mothers doing it on their own; so many fathers are leaving them alone

Those in authority doing the wrong thing; not stopping to realize the destruction this will bring

Tsunamis, terrorists and ‘religious’ zealots; at times making you think, “He loves me not”

Unemployment, crime and hopelessness; I’m at my wit’s end – fuck! what is this mess!

Babies making babies; promiscuity  is spreading diseases

Laughter turning to tears; just maybe no one really cares

Hearts that keep on breaking; the joys we keep on stealing

The punching, kicking and slapping too; He needs to step in and show us what He can do

He brought us here to experience life; believe in Him – He can eradicate strife

My God, My God, My God is great! Now I have to go to work…I’m running late!

2 responses to #whyiprayed

  1. Let's AdDress This... – Author

    Phoenix, thank you. High praise indeed from someone of your talents 🙂


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