Who Was That M.Asked Man?

On Wednesday (if you read it), my post described the tough couple of days I had been experiencing; I chronicled my melt-down. In it, I also stated that sometimes “I need help”; that being tough and strong was not feasible at all times – there are days when I am truly weak(er).

Proof that we all need to be careful about what we say; what we expose to the universe – at times (like this time), the return was wonderful; sometimes, we just need to watch our mouths!

This morning, I was standing in front of the door at work, head down, digging into the unbottom of my bag for the keys to unlock the door. Picture it: I have the bag hooked over my wrist, propped up on my knee; on that same arm, I am holding the brown paper bag with my breakfast (and if you must know, it was two boiled eggs, a buttered roll and a Pepsi – don’t judge!). With the other hand, I am searching for the keys. I must have looked a disheveled sight, juggling all of this in my, of course, 4” heels!

(Enter “The Universe”): in my line of vision, I see an arm reach in front of me, grasp the handle of the door and attempt to open it (remember, it was locked). I, of course, look up, thinking it had to be someone I knew; maybe my boss coming in early. No; the face connected to that arm, was/is a stranger. Through my surprise (but I should not have been; I did ask for “help”), I told him that it was locked and that I was looking for the key. My chivalrous stranger stood and waited for me to extract them from my bag’s recesses, unlock the door – then he achieved what he had set out to do – open the door for me. He then simply smiled, wished me a great day…and walked away.

My God! The simplicity of a stranger’s gesture touched and colored my day Beautiful. I am thanking him; as I thank The Universe for heeding my cries…

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