Okay…I typically don’t endorse products. In fact, I reserve throwing my support behind matters of the head, heart and soul; not ‘things’. But, as a woman, I am employing my right to change my norm; this shit is worth the deviation!

Before I get to what I am raving about, I would like to take a little detour to scoff at the foolishness that is the lines waiting to get into the Apple, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, shit, the corner bodega stores (not really; but wait, they may be getting in on the mindlessness) that are selling the new iPhone! What the hell! I have to believe that I am missing something! Somewhere along the way, while I was busy attending to my life, I missed the declaration that made lining up for hours to purchase a new mobile phone, something that was mandatory and important to said life! How is it that people can/will be on time for a line, yet late for a job?! Why is it that some have so bought in to the marketing hype that being amongst the first to give Apple yet more of the money they truly do not have (or own) to give, is some sort of achievement?!

I didn’t want to get it wrong, so I Google’d the exact definition for a ‘drone’: “A drone, in a technological context, is an unmanned aircraft…” Except in this case, Apple is definitely the invisible pilot. Ridiculousness!!

But, seeing that so many are iCrazy and we do live in a capitalistic society let me introduce you all to a tiny little gadget that has truly, not “changed my life” (that is way too clichéd and corny), but certainly has allowed me to enhance the efficiency and mobility of my mobile device. It’s called the iRing; and, I can actually stop here and let the pictures speak for themselves (but, of course I won’t).


This little thing, stuck to the back of my phone, allows me to prop it up, for truly ‘hands-free’ usage; vertically or horizontally! Imagine this – I blog almost every day; you read my posts – how cool would it be to cock your iRing stand out (yep; folds flat against your phone when not employed), load up my latest post and read away! And, after you’re finished with me, open your Netflix-thingy and watch away…all without holding your phone! Have to admit that is tres cool!! Sometimes, when I want to compete with the women walking around with their ?carat rings on, I slip my iRing gently over that third finger on my left hand and, well, my bling is bigger than theirs J . Oh; and it comes with an iHook that can be used, let’s say, in the car to affix to the dashboard, phone hung on to it, chango-presto, hands-free safe driving. Load up the GPS and go!

imageAlright, I’m done. Yall should get this thing; it is truly convenient and good-looking too! Comes in: pink (changing my color in honor of Breast Cancer month), black (this IS New York), white, mint green and a graphite gray (sexy). Oh! And, when you un-stick it, it leaves no residue!

Okay; now I’m done! If yall want one (or every color to match your wardrobe), go on this site and do your thing: http://www.simplifiu.com. If yall want to ask me more questions about it, get in touch….iHome 🙂

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  1. Let's AdDress This... – Author

    This tiny little gadget is unquestionably an asset – the other day I was walking around my home (cleaning) and got a call. The shorts I had on had no pockets; so for a few minutes I was walking carrying my phone, while on the headset. Then I remembered the iRing – so, I hooked my phone to my pant waist – and kept it moving 🙂 . Oh….and this month, I changed it to pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness!


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