Oops; Maybe Size Will Matter!


On July 24th, I started this amazing journey; manifested by a bright green dress.

Like so many ideas, this one shared a duality – on Facebook, I challenged myself to wear one dress per day, for a month; all in an attempt to determine whether what I suspected was true – I could do this without having to repeat. At the same time, I started to talk; initiating and addressing conversations that I hope matter to you. They do to me; and I have been having a blast!

Well, it is now two months later and I have realized a few things: (1) I have way too many dresses (I wore and documented these thirty-five); and (2) when you share of yourself with others, you invariably end up learning as much (and at times, more) as you share. So, as I continue writing, let’s also continue playing…

For the next month (thirty-one days), the person who shares and encourages the most amount of friends (and strangers) to sign up to ‘follow’ my blog: www.letsaddressthis.com, gets to choose any dress from the thirty-five depicted above! Yup; that’s right….ANY dress! And, if you’re possibly wondering why you would want to own one of my dresses; then, maybe you should just go ahead and un-follow me right now! Ha-ha. No; truly.

So, let’s address you others who know what’s what: win one of my dresses. Or, if you would prefer a size different than the one I wear, don’t count yourself out; I would be more than happy (believe that), to buy you a little something in your desired size; not to worry! The point is, for the next month, we are adDressing an auction! On the block is a dress; but the currency to acquire same is nothing as vulgar as money – nope – conversation, witticism, intelligence, knowledge and a burning desire to see your friends benefit from some good reading – that’s what it will “cost” you 🙂

When someone signs up to ‘follow’, I am notified via email. Choose how you would like to let me know they did so as a result of your encouragement – email, text, FB message, phone call, ‘comment’ on this blog; whichever medium you choose, I will be documenting it.

Listen…I am so excited, I wanna participate! If I didn’t already own these dresses, I would want to own one! Ha-ha. I would! But, the other side of this is this – I would truly like your help – I would like to share my thoughts, insights, stories, anecdotes, feelings, triumphs, defeats, tears, laughter, love, knowledge and experiences with many more like you. Believe me, there is no ego attached to this desire, I promise. My reason is simple: through my sharing, through yours, through theirs, I am made better.


Thanking you all in advance for your continued indulgence. I would like to single out the people who particularly indulged, encouraged and challenged me with regard to the documentation of those damn dresses every day:

** Lady L…it could not/would not have been done without you. “Thank you” for shooting, editing, cropping and educating

** Ade, thank you for capturing that picture that has and will continue to be a LAT ‘signature’ shot

** Sis, thank you to you and Cyn for sharing with me your precious son; giving rise to that epic photo

** Semaj & Jay…that baby-Scorpion Zenn. “Thank you”

** The O, always, “thank you”

** Vin, for absolutely everything, “thank you”

** Cousin, really? Love you

** The random girl at Hunter who must have thought I was either (1) crazy or (2) egotistical; but took my pic anyway

** D, “thank you” for documenting that last dress

** To the UPS guy, my hair-stylist, the patient taxi cab drivers waiting behind me in traffic, the security men at Grand Central … everyone who indulged the crazy woman running around asking off-the-wall requests – “thank you”

** A big, fat “thank you” to the Port Authority police who did not arrest my ass for jumping their turnstile

** My neighbor, friend and mentor, Wendi; “thank you”

** The Lea staff who (for the most part) keep their true opinions about me to themselves; where it belongs – “thank you”

** Matthew @ Sugarcane for capturing my love for my father

** Cheryl, for hanging with me and understanding without explanation that for now, all eyes look inner

** My Canadian cousins, “thank you” for visiting, supporting and being memorialized into the LAT tapestry

** To one of my new ‘favorites’, Kirel; “thank you” for indulging my desire to step behind the bar and pretend 🙂

** I even dragged my liquor reps into my madness! Angel, “thank you”

** To the man with the broad back, strong arms and patience for my shenanigans (okay; it was because The O asked him to); “thank you”

“Thank you” to all of you who ‘liked’, played along, commented, complimented and threatened to un-friend me 😉 . I cannot begin to adequately express (and, that is soooooooooooooo unlike me) what this journey has meant thus far! It is truly an amazing life when one realizes that people love and accept you…in spite of yourself  🙂

2 responses to Oops; Maybe Size Will Matter!

  1. patricia

    It’s been a journey for me as well….i look forward to what you have to say. Yep daily and do miss it if a day goes by and you don’t post or I don’t get the email on my phone. Truly inspiring. Keep writing Dee.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Let's AdDress This... – Author

    Pam, thank you so very much; your support in reading (and missing it when I do not write) and in taking the time to comment makes it worthwhile. I will strive to always make my content worth your time.


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