This Is Truly A Shitty Situation!

So lately I have been experiencing some upheaval, which has in part, manifested itself in a physical manner. There has been the sleeplessness, which then of course translates to consistent fatigue and lethargy. My eating pattern (as if I ever really had a ‘pattern’; but it sounds grown-up and responsible; so…), my eating pattern has been thrown off its course and erratic. So, if y’all are up on things, you will know that once one’s sleep and nourishment has been compromised, all (physical) hell will soon break loose!

So, because I am a shareer, I naturally shared what I have been experiencing with a few of my trusted; and, I even discussed the reason(s) behind it all. After a while however, we stopped addressing the why and started to focus on the what – what was I going to do to right my body; to get it back on a rhythm that worked and allowed me to maximize my time here.

Amongst the suggestions, one (Trini) friend went ole-school on me; suggesting I take a “purge”. A lot of you who read me know what this is; and you also know that for us (Trinis), a purge cures absofuckinglutey all that ails us – mentally and physically! For the rest of you, a Trini ‘purge’ is something that was routinely administered to all of us when we were young, that wormed and worked its way through our systems and cleaned out all the junk. Sometimes, gauging from the pain, I honestly believed that it also cleared out some of the parts that I needed; but there is no proof; all evidence was flushed away J

A purge. Okay, for some reason, our parents administered this to mark some occasion – the beginning of the school term, Easter, Christmas and for some, every other Sunday. Sigh. But, the truth is, the periodic cleansing of our systems served us well; so, I allowed myself to be open to the fact that maybe that will help now – we all know that the ‘how’ of humans is reflective from the inside-out. So, I decided to heed this advice – I have started a colon cleanse.

This thing, “Living Bitters Tonic: The Bitters for the Living’ is one of the nastiest things I believe I have ever voluntarily put into my mouth! Yuck! My God, judging from the taste of the thing, I am not surprised that it works; the crap in me is probably yelling, “Shit! Let’s get the hell out of here”! Ha-ha. Truly. But, work it does! Y’all should try it (isn’t that always how people are? When the crap is nasty, they always want to share. When good, nah..). But all joking aside, try it. I have been taking it since Thursday night, as directed one teaspoon twice a day before meals; here is what my experience has been:

  • No stomach griping, clenching or rumbling
  • Started working Saturday with that first morning pee (come on; we all have that first morning pee-pee)
  • Since that first movement, things have been consistent, but manageable (I mean, app or not, no one wants to have to map out where all the bathrooms are located every time they leave their home)

Okay, that’s all the detail I will indulge in; but suffice it to say, it’s working very very well. Aside from the physical benefits that I see (yes, I do look), my stomach is young-girl flat J . I am also believing that this colon cleanse is removing all the toxins from my system; which means it is also doing some work on the emotional crap that I have been allowing to take up some residence in me.

 Listen, forgive me if yall already knew about this product, or one very much like it; I admit to being a (very) late-bloomer. I’m just sayin’…this or something similar – sometimes we need to let go of the shit; because, think about it, we throw out food that begins to smell from our fridges – I don’t care how beautiful, handsome, successful, popular, loving, funny, thin or educated you are – your shit, like mine, does stink!

One response to This Is Truly A Shitty Situation!

  1. liveineffect

    Yes!!! Colon cleanse is wonderful for body and mind. I agree. Gonna check out thecone u suggested. Thanks!


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