No Abbreviation: I Owe You

Let’s address responsibility.

I am sure that there are a few of you that, with just having read those three little words up there, either rolled your eyes, or, I just downright lost you; you’re gone. So, I will continue to write for those of you brave, evolved, mature, smart…I am writing to those of you responsible enough to want to listen.

It is said that responsibility means: “the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone”. Let’s say that again please: “the state or fact of having a duty…”. Wow; if I were a lesser human being, if I didn’t think I had a responsibility to you all to continue to develop this dialogue, I would let that phrase say it all and end right here and go handle that other thing I am obligated to do; write my paper J

Okay; let’s address this: as citizens, parents, children, siblings, friends, partners, employers, employees, relatives, neighbors, consumers, merchandisers, students, passengers – let me wrap this up – as human beings we all have and owe a sense of responsibility to either a person or a thing. If you are alive (but if you’re not, then feel free to tell me and my mouthing off to “fuck off”), then there is no way to escape the truth of this reality.

Now, yall should know me by now; so, you should know that I do my utmost best to choose each of my words very carefully. So, here goes: “there is no way to escape the truth of this reality”; but, I dare say that some, shit! a lot of people have found a way to escape the responsibility of this reality! Know what I mean? A sense of responsibility is unquestionably one of those traits that requires well, being responsible! It is unlike its somewhat lesser counterpart like, let’s say, being good; because I know for a fact that some people simply just stumble upon that outcome many times. Truth. You know; like the guy who didn’t cheat the night he went out, simply because there was no one cute at the bar. Stumbled upon being good.

But, a sense of responsibility requires a commitment to acknowledge those people and things outside of yourself that depend on you to fulfill a particular obligation. Responsibility requires your presence; whether physical or mental. It truly should not be out-sourced. Truly owning your duty to be responsible comes from a feeling; it is borne from a place of maturity that demands that you recognize and accept that this life can only function successfully if we employ a barter system – there is no well-rounded, non-narcissistic ‘me’, without there being a very forgiving and tolerant ‘you’. I depend on that; so, I have a responsibility toward you to nurture and show my appreciation.

Part of the problem is that too many of us believe that we can operate within a vacuum. Well, that is, until we realize that someone else controls the electricity to operate said vacuum! Too many walk around thinking we owe nothing; that all we have, we deserve, or that it was owed to us. The truth cannot be further away! All that we have, yes I said that, ALL that we have we owe to someone else! There is not one of us that can trace back to the inception of our good fortune, a singular “I”. Not one.

So, as that is the case, here is my point (I’m wrapping this up because the responsibility to get my ass to work calls): I know that most of us hate the word “owe”; we shun its implications. But, we do owe to the world. We do because it was here first. Because it is what allows for our successes and failures. Our joys and sorrows. Our sense of responsibility toward each other that also rightfully inhabit this space is one that should not be overlooked. And, if none of that matters to you, ponder this: the bible talks about “the four corners of the earth”…and then, God made it round. For a reason…

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