“Mirror Mirror On The Wall…”

So yesterday as I was getting dressed to go visit with some old and new friends, I could not help but to look at myself in the mirror…and shake my head. Sigh. Truthfully, this happens often – I look at what I have chosen to wear on that particular day and wonder either one of a couple of things – (1) “when are you going to stop?” or (2) “what the hell is wrong with you?”! Ha-ha. Yesterday it was a doozy; I asked myself both questions J

That led me to thinking about what we all see (and, more importantly don’t) when we get dressed and decide, after looking at ourselves, that it is okay to actually leave the house wearing what we just witnessed! I don’t know about you, but I look at people wherever I go and quite a bit of disturbing times I wonder, “what the hell is (mostly) she wearing”!!! Sometimes it is so very bad, that I think they must not either have a mirror, or, definitely, not a friend.

But here’s the flaw in that equation: The very same confidence that I have employed to get dressed and decide to leave my home in my chosen get-up, is likely the same thought process that those (in my arrogant opinion) fashion-offenders have employed! So, when I factor that into things, it can stand to reason that there are those times that I am definitely not looking as cute as my behind thought I was! Oh SHIT!

Right? I mean, the logic of things cannot be ignored. I do have to face the possibility that I too am looking at myself through rose-colored glasses (although with some of the fashion faux pas I do see, I will blatantly say that those glasses are blacked-out opaque) and not seeing the truth of how badly I do look L . I am starting to realize that the confidence with which I have always cloaked myself in with regard to my fashion-sense may possibly be misplaced!

Let’s address this: maybe what all we do need to do is to keep ourselves in a perpetual state of #TBT – maybe we should all just stick the Polaroid of our “back in the day” selfies around our closets and mirrors. Maybe the constant reminders and the undeniable proof of those times when we indeed got dressed and went out looking corny as all fucking hell, would remind us that we too are capable of some major fashion infractions! Indeed! Think about it – from the Jheri curls, to the fishnets – what the hell did we used to do to and put on ourselves and believe we were indeed “hot”?!

My point is a simple one (unlike some of the outfits I put together at times), I do need to realize that “but for the grace of God go I”. From a voyeuristic point of view, I am realizing that I am not the only one doing the peeping; I am also, every single time I leave the privacy of my own forgiving home, being judged and critiqued on my choices. I too am being graded by someone else’s opinion of my fashion sense. Now, I am certain that I too am, at times, given an ‘F’!

So what does this all mean for a woman who always prided herself on her ability to ‘pull off’ some very, let’s just call it, interesting looks? Well, I am dedicated to adding that extra layer of vetting; instead of just cocking my head twice to the side when I look at myself in the mirror to determine the success of a selection, I now vow to employ the rule used before crossing the street – look, look and just to make sure, look back that way again. Damn…

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