The RainIng Champion

So. This morning I thought I was going to write about my last few days, share with you what has been going on and how I have been feeling about it all. I planned to talk about my tears; what brought them on and then, let that be the launch pad for today’s topic. Then, I sat with my tab on my lap and my fingers on the keys and realized this – not all stories need to be “ripped from the headlines” and retold. In fact, quite a bit of them (certainly this one) simply need to be ripped down from the headlines; neither news nor note-worthy. Decidedly yesterday’s news.

Today. Like I said, I am sitting talking with you; but what I did not say is that it is 6:50am and I am facing my French windows, listening to the rainfall and periodically looking up, hoping to catch the moment of (the albeit) watery sunrise. In my peripheral, there is Eyewitness News, telling me about the goings-on in my immediate world and beyond. My point? A brand spanking new day is unfolding literally right in front of my eyes; yesterday and its foolishness no longer belong in this promise!

Promise. Have you ever made one? I mean, you do know what it is, right? Sigh. You know what? The way some behave, it may be prudent of me to place, not my definition, but the definition here: “a declaration or assurance that one will do a particular thing or that a particular thing will happen”. A promise is stating your intention to behave in a very particular way and giving the recipient the authority to not only depend on your word, but the confidence to act in accordance with it. Making a promise is very big people stuff.

Wait. I am going to stay focused this morning; there will be none of that straying off-course that sometimes happens. The ‘promise’ I am banking on today is not the man-made-often-broken type; nope, not falling for that. Today, what I am leaning on is what I am looking at right outside my window; what I rarely stop and take the time to appreciate. Today, I am depending on the proof that there is only one man who will never lie; a man who gets up every day and gets it up for, not just me (although I AM His favorite), but for you as well. I am living today in the playground that has been filled with all the toys I like; willing to share with you…only if you’re nice J

Listen. There is nothing “bible toting” about me; I curse and carry on way too much for that! Additionally, I respect everyone’s right to live the life they choose for themselves…while they’re here (because, when we get up or down there, well…that’s a whole other post); I encourage your decision to believe or not. But here’s what I do tote – truth. The truth of the matter is, no matter who or what you believe in or don’t, there is no denying that something or someone is getting up every day before us – and preparing a feast. Every day.

Look outside. Look between and behind the raindrops. If you don’t mind getting wet, step outside, turn your face to the sky (heaven forbid, I would have suggested you turn it to the Heavens), close your eyes, open your mouth – let it wet you. Let it get between the strands of your hair. Let it stick your pajamas to your body. Feel it. Drink it. Beauty has a taste. If you must, let what is happening today thoroughly cleanse you of what happened yesterday. Start over. Breathe over. Live over. Move on over. Love over. Turn your back on yesterday. Today is the day the Lord has made. Let us be glad and rejoice!

IMG_20141016_071506Look at that…promise fulfilled. Happy Thursday yall. Me.

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