Life Changed When She Said “Yes”

Shutting up to let someone else address this:



Yesterday, before Zenn went to bed we thanked our Creator for family, nature, and the world around us. Zenn is my 2yr old daughter. Zenn showed signs of being thankful at an early age by smiling and nodding her head in a yes-like motion to express her appreciation. This simple action taken by such a tiny being inspired me to reevaluate my comprehension and expression of thanks. I decided first to list four items I’m thankful for:

1. The choices I have available to me
2. The blessed family I have that spans the globe
3. The spiritual foundation that grounds me
4. The music that plays nonstop in my soul

Then, I pledged to make a habit of reading this short list aloud four times a day in order to reinforce the memory of what I’m thankful for.

Finally, I decided to engage my four closest friends in listing four items they are thankful for. Furthermore, I challenged them all to read their list aloud four times daily and to engage four of their closest friends to do the same.

A network of gratefulness is forming and stems from the simple actions of a 2yr old. Fatherhood has been nothing more or less than a learning experience I give great thanks for. 10478663_10203848648767468_1273516839765795069_nBeing actively involved with Zenn brings to life a world more hopeful, with choices more tangible. It’s quite simple to acknowledge what we are thankful for and simple habits are easy to repeat daily.

Giving Thanks.

Mr. Jordan Lorrius.

One response to Life Changed When She Said “Yes”

  1. cheryl

    Mr. Lorrius, I have been meaning to respond to this post. First, look at that beautiful baby! Zenn is a peaceful, blessed name. Second, I could see how you could look into her beautiful face and feel grateful and blessed. I am going to write my own list of 4 things I’m grateful for. Thank you!

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