…Sold! To The Beautiful Lady With The Green Eyes!

I always keep my promises.

One month ago today, I asked for your help – I launched an auction of sorts, asking that you tell your friends how we get together to address things. I asked that you encourage them to ‘follow’; because a community of any kind wields more power and influence than any one person. When more and more voices are raised, whether united in their thinking and opinions or not, we all benefit. I wanted, I still want, your thoughts, their thoughts; there is so much about so very much that I do not know; that I yearn to know.

So, since I asked, I have seen a definitive spike in the readership; thank you. I recognize that there will always be those that pop in to read; the only footprint they leave signifying their presence affecting the counter in my stats. Again I say, thank you. Then there are those that are not afraid to commit; who bit the bullet and have dedicated themselves to a long-term (albeit not monogamous) relationship with me and my mouth. My stats reveal it all to me.

Okay…to the point. Someone had to win; because you people are fantastic! So, whether you spoke about it or pushed your friends to read it just to shut me up, I am still very grateful. There is one person however whose encouragement manifested itself significantly – both in readership and commitment:

IMG_1700DeDe, thank you! Because of your support of and belief in me (even when you don’t agree with the what and how), Let’s Address This is now in front of a few more readers daily! Thank you! Thank you! I am humbled by your support and encouragement.

Now, a dress J . Yup…you let me know which of mine – to do with as you please; or let me know an occasion – my ass is itching to go shopping…for you! I swear I may just be a little more excited about your present than you are! Ha-ha.

To all of you, it continues to be a privilege to be allowed to write everyday; it is indeed an honor that you read.

“I would thank you from the bottom of my heart – but for you, my heart has no bottom…”


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