“I Now Call This Meeting To Order!”


Today, let’s just address some necessary administrative/fyi business.

A great number of you contact me privately with your comments and/or opinions about my posts; thank you. But, it has become necessary (and it is such a fantastic problem to have) to establish a way for the rest of you (whom I do not personally know…yet) who prefer not to speak publicly, to let me know your thoughts.

So, if you prefer, address me here: : emailme@letsaddressthis.com. Let me know what I’m doing right or not-so-right. Let me know what you would like me to address. Shit! If you’re brave enough, let me know what to shut up about 😉

Next. From the feed-back I received, I am very proud to say that LAT will be dressing a Holy Name Convent (Trinidad and Tobago) high school graduate from the class of 2015! DeDe, thank you very much; both for your support and your very gracious suggestion. I cannot wait! I dared not even imagine that this personal pilgrimage would lead to such blessings for me!

This last bit falls under the ‘necessary’, not the other category. “Thank you”. From the parts of me that are whole and the bits that are slightly bruised, “thank you”. The fact that you read, whether every day that I post, or let it accumulate to be your guilty pleasure all at once on the weekend (like my daughter does), is humbling to me. Whether you agree, disagree or think I am just plain out of my fucking mind, I treasure both your feedback and your opinion. I am honored that you take the time to share it.

So “thank you”. Know that in the little over three months that we have been journeying together, your indulgence, support and tolerance have demanded that I stretch myself every day – every.single.day to aspire to be worthy of your time. I can only pray that somewhere, in some word that I utter, beneath a drop of emotion, in the minutia of my mess, you find what you need – for a moment, for an occasion, or for a lifetime.

I leave you with this tidbit that personifies and emphasizes that life and how we live it is in direct relation to our perception:

“Some people grumble that roses have thorns. I am grateful that thorns have roses…”


No more posts.