Fashion I-Can

Day# 19It has come to my attention that some think it will be a “natural fit” for me to write an article or two or twenty … about fashion. Hmmmmmmm; I guess I do see how that idea can manifest. I mean, in my very recent past I documented a series (okay, thirty-five) of dresses, seeming to put out there the notion that, well, it was about fashion. Truth be told, it was not. It was about excess, it was about abundance, it was about being blessed, it was about an idea, it was about a challenge, it was about a promise, it was about awareness, it was about this blog, it was about a commitment, it was about a dare, it was about discovery, it was about a community, it was about addressing things, it was about femininity, it was about being a girl. It was not about fashion.

But, I recognize the compliment; thank you. So, I am going to indulge those of you who think I must absolutely have something to say about it (as I do about everything else); here goes: take everything that “they” tell you it is… and disregard it! Truly! Fashion is not, well, maybe it is better said this way, fashion should not be what they define it to be; true fashion, to be truly fashionable, one must take what comes down the runway, lift your leg, piss all over it, THEN wear it! It is now truly yours! Hahaha.

Listen, there’s quite a bit of fashion “oops” out there – one of the hide-your-face-behind-your-bag ones is ending up somewhere where someone else has on the same shit you do. If that happens, it serves you right! That’s what happens when you do not assert your individuality; when you blindly purchase something and wear it as is because some skinny waif (is that redundant?) walked down a runway in it. Remember, they are simply making a living; and quite frankly ill-represent realistic size, budget or lifestyle.

My point is this – if you see something you like, first, for God’s sake, critically assess whether it would like you back! No, really; not everything is for everyone and, most of what the designers conceive is truly not for most people (I don’t care if someone then makes it in your size!). But once you have passed that “is it for me?” hurdle and, despite all the recommendations to the contrary, are ready to commit, go ahead and buy the damn thing. But, here is where a sense of fashion truly has the opportunity to rear its beautiful, stylish head – change it. No, not your mind (although some should); change the style – cut it, sew some patches on it, add a belt, cut or add sleeves, if it’s a top, wear it as a dress – you get the idea, right? Don’t go outside in the item that you and everyone else bought; rock the piece that everyone else will want to buy!

This is why I should not be writing about fashion! I should really be reporting on how wowed I am by this or that new line for the season; and, sometimes I am. But, I continue to be impressed by what everyday people do with mass-produced pieces when they allow their individuality and creativity to flow! Think about it; truly. When it comes to your deciding what will wear well on you, please, think about it. I am not applying any nuances here, what I am boldly saying is, sometimes instead of being so intent on matching your top to your bottom, match the entire ensemble to your mood. Dress for you. Let your style emanate from the place where your emotion and passions originate from. Feeling bold? Fuck it, wear red! In a peaceful content mood? Go with white or yellow (but you light light skinned ones, careful with that yellow). In an angry, move-out-of-my-way-New York kinda mood? Wear black; but put on some red underwear and make sure some of that bra is exposed a la Carrie Bradshaw J

Listen, there are amazing fashions that emphasize that many are aware of not only our needs, but because of their talent and a bit of arrogance, every few months determine what we should all have our noses wide-open for. That is irrefutable. What I am championing is that you then do your part – in your closet, make sure that there are a few pieces of the “classics” – the very well tailored pants that are timeless (not that skinny shit) and the quintessential ‘little black dress’ (or, add an “es” to that; I won’t judge). Add a piece or two for these occasions: a funeral, an interview-ready dress or suit, PTA-appropriate wear (you know, ‘Mommy-clothes’) and, in the back, because we all have an ex that sticks in our craw, have that dress that you pull out when you know you’ll be at the same occasion with ‘it’. Ha-ha. The “classics”. Then, once you are properly set-up for life’s grown-up moments, sprinkle all of that with some (thrift store) accessories – tops, bottoms, bags, shoes, jewelry, scarves, gloves, belts, suspenders, underwear, wraps, brooches – that take that many-of-a-kind piece and, for all intents and purposes, sews your name on the label.

My key advice is this: know your body, accept your size, acknowledge the occasion and the weather, become familiar with how you move, don’t wear the heels until you can truly wear the heels, know what colors make you shine and which wash you out. Keep it simple. Always be classy (unless the occasion calls for a ‘ho’; then, do you!). Let your imagination (and a pair of scissors) be the most important accessory you implement at home. Then, let confidence be the one you carry on the streets.

Not writing any more about this; it bores me! Ha-ha. Dress well y’all…

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