“Actions Speak Louder Than Words…”

I just heard on the news that Conde Nast, the first tenants at One World Trade will move in today.

As I heard that, naturally it took me back to the reason that a tenancy will be news-worthy. Back to that day – the day that so much changed for so many; and when life has never reverted to pre-September 11th, 2001.

Remembering where you were on that morning will more than likely be a very easy recall for many of us; just as it may be easy to conjure up the emotions that remain, likely not as devastating, but certainly as poignant.

So, it is not my intention to take any of you down that particular journey; what happened to New York (and the world) on September 11th, 2001 has been discussed and unpacked quite often and very well. What I felt when I heard the news today about the re-opening is this: “for as many of us that remember the moments in life that can change us forever, how many of our interests only last as long as the headlines do?”

To be fair, I will admit to the psychology that dictates that in an effort to move on with living, we all need to let go of some of the instances and experiences that can tend to cripple us if we visit with them too long. I do appreciate and respect that. Having said that however, I still continue to move on with the disdainful thought that for so many, the “moving on” is little about a conscious decision to attempt to maintain being a productive and contributing member of society, as it is a referendum on our flightiness, fickleness and incessant search for sensationalism!

#bringbackourgirls. How many know if these girls #gotbroughtback? We could not turn on the television without hearing about it and everyone’s FB feed was cluttered with conversations and seeming outrage against what was happening. And, we should have been outraged! But then, silence. On to the next. And again…how many have maintained their ire and interest enough to know what has happened? When the cameras stop rolling, does that then signal the end of our interest as well? All the marches in and for Ferguson and Staten Island because we were so up in arms that yet more of our black men were unlawfully killed…who still wears their t-shirts? Or keeps the pressure on those in authority to change attitudes and laws to prevent these things from continuing to happen?

Again, don’t kill the messenger! I do know that there are those that are genuinely concerned; but again, I am solidly directing this article and these words of disdain at the many whose interests last (we have a saying in Trinidad), “as long as the Red House fire” (said fire was quite short-lived). Listen, I do understand that, by its very definition, ‘living’ dictates that things keep on moving; to remain stagnant means well… I get that. So, I accept that new situations and ever-changing headlines arise constantly. All true. But the fact that the reporters have moved on to earn their livings, does not mandate that we too live our lives in a perpetual state of “sound bites”.

Show your commitment – #tosomefuckingthing! What some of you fail to realize, is that your constant flitting from thing to thing, from story to story, from situation to situation, from person to person, from supposed cause to supposed cause, from decision to decision, seeing nothing through to conclusion or resolution, clearly demonstrates your lack of dependability. Commit. Follow through. Follow up. Resolve. Stay focused.

The victimized and the causes need true heroes; not lip-service.


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