Sister Act 3

“I smile because you’re my sister. I laugh because you can’t do anything about it…”

I have three of these – sisters. I have always maintained that it is fantastic to have so many, as invariably, one will piss you off; but there will always be at least one more (another may side with the one that pissed you off) that you are still talking to J

As sisters there are more than a few similarities we share; but like many others, there are marked differences that at times, may make you cock your head to the side and, if not say out loud, certainly think, “who’s YOUR Daddy?” (come on…mothers cannot be disputed). Ha-ha. Put the ‘Wiltshire-Sisters’ in a room all together (you really shouldn’t) and it makes for a very loud, hysterically funny, fast-talking, witty group of women, who mirror each other physically and in subtle mannerisms. But the differences are what may be the most intriguing…

In the line-up, I am the third; nothing wrong with that. But, the “surround-sound” that is my sisters’ successes and accomplishments , is what can make a woman either blaze her own (totally differing) trail, or eventually admit defeat and head the fuck back to school! Never a shrinking violet, I opted for both options. My sisters blazed a trail that was easy to navigate – they cut down all the obstructing branches and removed most of the rocks and boulders that could hurt – they, by doing it, are the best examples that a late-late bloomer could ask for.

Today, one of my sisters, Joanne (number two) celebrates a birthday. Happy Happy Happy Birthday, Sis! This sister is a doctor (but don’t get too excited…she is quite stingy with the prescription pad! Hahahaha), a mother of two and a fantastic human being! She is very dryly sarcastic and incredibly funny. She has this, well, let’s call it “unique” dance she does (especially when she has enjoyed a few). She is compassionate; yet spends very little time entertaining trivialities or emotionally draining situations that are not in one’s best physical or mental well-being (told yall…a doctor). Jo is fair, reasonable and quite possibly the most level-headed of all us sisters. She works extremely hard, supports quite a few and, like so many of us women, has sacrificed too much of herself. Sigh…

So, today is my sister’s birthday. Tomorrow we get to celebrate her and hopefully take a few moments to restore some of what she has given up; make a deposit instead of a withdrawal. Because we all live all over the States and the world, it is not often that more than two of us are together at any one time; but, we try. I know I do it because I love these women. Sometimes, I truly may not be able to tolerate the behavior of one or agree with the decision of another; but, that ALL goes out the window in the face of love. We have propped each other up, taken care of each other’s children – shit; parented each other’s children. We have called, yelled, cried and laughed each other through the years. We have given advice – even when not asked. We have sent money, received money, bought food, baby-sat, borrowed clothes, thrown parties, swapped pictures, shown up for surgeries, stopped talking, planned weddings, cursed out at divorces, compared whose babies are cuter (mine won!), bought presents, surprised…we have been friends.

My period must be coming – ‘cause now I’m crying. Sigh. Ladies, I love you all so very much. Thank you, thank you for being the very best sisters I can have; even when we are at our worst. I continue to thank God for each of you and to ask Him to bless and keep you all. I hope I “go” first; because living this life without any of you would be to lose all the color in my world.

Happy Birthday Jo. I love you…Joanne-NYC-pampered-P1360772_pp

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