There Is Always South-East …

… Nobody said you had to look North-West.

Sigh. Listen, I am quite fed-up with people’s seeming disgust and upinarmsedness at Kim K’s latest shenanigans. People – whatever your (irrelevant) opinions are with regard to the “why” of her celebrity, her lack of any discernible talent, her questionable morals and shoddy maternal examples – the truth is that you are the ones fuelling that particular engine! Every single time you post/re-post, re-tweet or re-Instagram (can one re-Instagram?) one of her salacious images, you are not only giving credence to what she is doing; but, someone had to break it to you, you’re putting more money in the Kardashian-West coffers! Think about how very stupid it is to rant about how pr/attention-hungry she is…then give it to her!

Okay; let me help you all out. Below, I have placed a template of what we should all use in response to Kim K. and all the other people and situations in your life that are not worth your time (I have spelled and grammar checked; no further editing is necessary):

No more posts.