“Hold”ing So Much More Than “The MSG”

So, last evening I had dinner with one of my best friends, Lee, his girlfriend and his mother. I know some of you rude people are probably saying, “so?” but holdthefuckonalready! Jeez! So, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted – Lee lives in Austin (Texas, that is), so comes into town not often enough for me. However, yesterday was a very special trip, with an amazingly special reason; that is none of your business! Hahaha.

So, the plan was drinks, dinner with drinks, then a comedy show with, you guessed it, drinks. Great night planned! Over time, the details of this evening may infiltrate themselves into other posts; but what I would like to discuss outright today, is what we ate. See, never let my skinny self fool you…I love my food!

Let’s address this: the responsibility for this choice seemed to ping-pong between Lee and Rachel; and, here’s why. We went to Pure Food and Wine. Okay, don’t know if yall have ever been or heard about this place (and judging from how packed it was, I may have been the last to know about it); but, check it out: http://www.yelp.com/biz/pure-food-and-wine-new-york (and no; they are not paying me to write a review or to blog about it…at least not yet). Here is why I am taking up both our moments to address this: I sat and had dinner at a place that (1) served me no meat…of any kind! (2) every goddam thing they served me was healthy; nothing fried, battered, or buttered! (3) they even had the (delicious) audacity to health-up the wine, beer and cocktails! Everywhere I freaking turned – nah, fuck that – everywhere I fucking turned it was “gluten-free this; vegan that”! What exactly is “gluten” anyway? And why does it get to be “free”? Sigh.

Hahaha. Okay; let me stop; it was good! True. There were some very interesting and innovative things done with beans, vegetables and wrappings. There was a lot of corn, nuts and avocado everywhere. I ate and drank things in ways I never had before; especially after I was admonished to “just shut up and eat it” in response to my trepidation and skepticism. Listen, I was so initially traumatized, that I almost threw a fucking parade when the olives were delivered to the table – looking like olives!!

You know what? Now that I think about it, I feel like I was in the middle of a Sex and the City episode – I felt fabulously chic being there, surrounded by New York’s Healthiest, talking, laughing and snubbing my nose at gluten! Except of course, if I were truly one of those fabulous ladies, my ass would have been at the opening of said place; not sitting wide-eyed 10+ years later! Oh well… But, I was there; and it truly was one of those undeniable moments in time that can and do happen anywhere; but taste so much better when it happens here.

Yall health-conscious people should check this place out; and I hear in the summer their outdoor garden is amazingly beautiful; all Zen’d out and just the perfect backdrop for you to treat your body well. Listen, it felt good to experience something new; so I thank whichever of those two decided I needed to be there. It also felt good to actualize what eating a healthy meal can look and taste like (oh; and cost!). I think I am most grateful though, for the opportunity to now say, if/when some obnoxious NYorker asks, “do you eat healthy?”, “why yes, I do” 😉


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