… Should All Be ‘Tanked’ (Get It?)

I’m Trinidadian, so Thanksgiving Day, this last Thursday in November, means nothing more to me than a day…off. It’s a day to relax, to sleep in, to, when I eventually do wake up, think about where I am going to eat today – but not because of the symbolism of the day – but because I need to eat!

But, my grumpy ass aside, I would very much like to have a conversation about being thankful; about recognizing our blessings and acknowledging where they came from. ‘Cause see, sadly I have realized that our society needs reminders, days and dates that tell us to do the shit that we should be doing anyway! So today, we all get hot and sweaty and “break the internet” touting our gratitude. Similarly, we need to be reminded to tell and show our partners how much we love them; cue Valentine’s Day. Jesus…oh yeah, him; okay, let’s dust off the mangers and shit…December 25th is coming! Scary to think the type of humans we would be without a calendar and an alarm clock. Sigh.

But, I digress. Giving thanks. Let’s address this: the truth that our gratitude needs to be calendared is a sad commentary indeed! Okay, before we go further let me say this – for those that would want to insist that you live each of your days in a perpetual state of gratitude …good for you! And, I will even go so far as to say I believe (and applaud) you. But the truth is, the proof indeed is in the pudding – the vast majority moves through their journey, treating their lives as if it is meaningless. So much so that even we limp Mathematicians can deduce that there must not be much value residing there. Oh! And a vital component of gratitude is value. Indeed. Good or bad, one only treasures and is grateful for those people, experiences, lessons and things that he considers valuable.

Listen, far be it from me to tell you all how to live your lives; I really only tell you how to manage the fifteen minutes it takes to click on your ‘favorites’ tab, wait for the page of your favorite blogger’s site to load, then sit back and read J . But, once you’ve gotten your LAT-fix for the day, I would recommend this (once you’ve finished laughing, that is): let’s start with looking down at the device you’ve just read this post on – an iSomething, an Android, some new-fangled Windows tab – whatever the device. See (and never doubt that I carefully choose all my words; yes Sis (Wendy, that is), even the curse ones)…you can see! And, if you are able to recognize and process all the words and nuances I infuse into my shenanigans, a fucking educator did that! Oh yeah; I know it’s not December 25th, so please excuse me for acknowledging that there is a God when the calendar has not indicated that it’s His turn yet – but, if you are present today to power on, log on, look down, hold something, read, understand and laugh at my shit – you’re alive! Yall get it yet? Every day we do the same shit; albeit in different clothing. Every day is a day to be grateful! Not on Facebook, not necessarily preaching (okay, admonishing) to folks on the subway, but quietly and through our actions, every day we should lead our lives as if it means something and we are grateful to have it.

Do yall know how tired yall make me? Hahahaha; truly. I get up every day and get it up for yall; that is some tiring work! Ha-ha. But truly? I am so damn grateful that you read and allow me to indulge in myself, that, to show my gratitude, I do it again the next day. Hahaha. Joke’s on yall! Listen people, throw out the calendars; let your inner-corniness guide you. See, if you look at the dates that have been commercialized, designed to obscenely line the pockets of those that depend on our gullibility and droneability, you will realize that living those so-called occasions is something that you can achieve many times over… during any given day (and, it will cost you a lot less!). Just sayin’

Happy “I am so glad you’re here. I really do love you. God, I acknowledge your presence; because I am awake. Thank you for your service. You discovered us? Good lookin’. You brought home the bacon? You cooked it? Sorry you had to work under those horrible conditions. You have a dream? Me too! Living mine. Thank your parents for me, for having sex We do not want you to own us anymore; we’re out” Day.

“When you rise in the morning, give thanks for the light, for your life, for your strength. Give thanks for your food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason to give thanks, the fault lies in yourself…”

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