I Do.

As we come back down from the family and turkey-high to rejoin our lives as they day-to-day are, I would like to wish you all a fantastic week ahead.

There is little doubt that for so many, these past days have been filled with much laughter, love and abundance; for that, we should absolutely recognize and voice our blessings. But, for so very many, these last few days mirrored so many other days that only laid out before them hopelessness, despair and barrenness.

If you can read this, again, you have much. So please, let us share of ourselves with those that have no one and nothing; and, it is easier than you may think (if you ever think about it; that is). On your commute back to your home today, how about packing an extra ‘to-go’ bag; but not for you – on the drive, the train ride, the bus ride or after the flight in – trust me, if you look, you will see someone who looks as if what you carry, can help. And for those who hosted the festivities – take it on the train, drive in to work tomorrow. Or maybe, when all the family leaves today/when you get back home from the safety and warmth of your family’s bosom – it’s a great day to turn on the football (O…there IS football today; yes?) and rummage through your closet(s) – there may be something in the back there that no one wears anymore – but that someone in need can.

Listen, between now and the next holiday that dictates and calls for our undivided singular (and oftentimes, selfish) attention, it would be a fantastic thing if we were to expose the absolute wonderful, selfless, giving, thoughtful, aware and generous human beings we are (our family already knows) to those that maybe we can help. Trust me, even in what we may at times consider our lack, there are so very many more with absolutely nothing. I am just advocating that we pay attention to the people and things that we so easily overlook.

Oh, sorry; here is why I am addressing this: the changes we demand happen when a valid or so-called injustice is perpetrated on others – be it a ‘white on black’ crime, an atrocity driven by a (misguided) religious zealot or those “in our own backyards” – in our homes – can only happen when we become more attuned to and convinced of the fundamental right of all human beings, to be regarded in the same light as we regard ourselves. Believe me when I tell you that I will never have justice until you have justice!

Mahatma Gandhi said (and we all know it), “Be the change you wish to see in the world”; now, let’s do it. Collectively, let’s all stop pointing fingers at the ones out there and start looking into our own selves and lives and see if there is anything, any little thing that we can do to clean up our own crap! I understand that it is easy to yell and express our anger at others (and we should); they make it so damned easy. But think about this: before the police made Eric Garner’s name a household one, most of us would have walked by him or even turned our noses up at him in the street. Now, we’re outraged. So, if he had died on the street due to hunger or hyperthermia, shouldn’t we all be prosecuted because we could have helped and didn’t?

Listen…have a great week! But, after you read this, Google the rest of this shit: “living in glass houses” “the speck in my eye”, “there but for the grace of God”…

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