Ten, Nine, Eight… Wait!

Listen. To. Me. I certainly have missed sharing with you all; it has been approximately forty-eight hours since I last (publicly) uttered some words. Let’s make up for some lost time; shall we?

So, Christmas is coming; and, as much as I enjoy the festivities of this time of year, I would really like to have a little conversation about the new year. See, Christmas will take care of itself; everyone is already quite trained on this here holiday. Now, hopefully you agree that I am not trite; so please do not expect that I am simply speaking of your new year’s eve plans (my ass will be in Trinidad, though); I would like to address whether you all have started to make plans for the new year – all three hundred and sixty-five days of it!

You know what I have found (and I am certainly speaking from first-hand guilt)? I have found that for most of us, it is certainly easier (and unquestionably more fun) to plan occasions – birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Easter, anniversaries, christenings…you get it – than it is to give much thought and some guidelines for the most important occasion of them all – life!

When I ponder why that is, I cannot help but to theorize that that may be simply because thinking about and laying some breadcrumbs in the direction we may hope to go, requires much more (serious) thought and work. I mean…naturally it does! When I think about an occasion, all I really need to decide is, (1) will I be attending, (2) does it require a gift and, (3) whatever shall I wear? But, when planning the course I would like my life to take (before taking it to God for final approval), I have found that what I wear is of the least importance (well, to some) 😉

Let’s address this: as we head deeper into December and count down to the end of 2014, take some time to begin or finalize your thoughts and plans for 2015; do not let the new year happen to you – plan to happen to it! Make the start of the new year more than some ridiculous resolution you mouth off on the first and forget by the third! Identify the ‘hits’ and the ‘misses’ in your (2014) life; keep the former, make plans to improve on or change the latter. Shit! Take some responsibility for yourself! Santa is not the only one who should be “making a list and checking it twice”!

Listen, life is too important to constantly leave it up to “chance”. We have already spoken (for those of you paying attention to class) in a prior post about the naiveté in thinking that we control things; that is not what I am advocating. What I am saying, is that we are to absolutely cease being such passive observers (not even participants) in this game. There is absofuckinglutely nothing wrong with “taking the lead” until that man (as I point up to where we think He permanently resides) cuts in. You never know…He may even have to concede that your plans mirror His – and move on to the ones that just planned for New Year’s Eve.

Are you excited?!? I sure am!! 2015 will be absolutely magical! I cannot wait! I have started both my ‘to do’ and ‘to be’ lists (and they’re really good)! Not to worry your pretty little heads – you appear on both! Yup. I plan on continuing to do this very public diary and while I am at it, I vow to continue to be as transparent, as honest, as without guile, as ridiculous, as just-this-side-of-raw as I now am J . Indeed. I owe it to myself to be as prepared as I can possibly be – given all life’s uncertainties. But, I cannot let that deter or absolve me from my responsibility to myself – because, what if I wake up on January 1st … and things continue to follow the same blueprint they had been? I mean, how foolish would I look if, saying, “I should make no preparations because life is so uncertain” plan and pack nothing – and I wake up on January 1st…and it is cold as fuck, with snow (of all things) on the ground! Who could have seen that coming?!? Get it? Acknowledging that life does indeed at times “march to the beat of its own drum” should and does not absolve us from preparing for the eventualities that, if given continued life, we can count on. It should and does not negate our responsibility to ourselves and those that we rub shoulders with, to construct a (realistic) ‘will-list’ of our plans and course for the year ahead.

Don’t ask me why I know this, but, there is a ‘morning after’ pill for the oops’es in life; designed to clean up and undo one’s messes. Go wherever you need to go, Duane Reade, Rite Aid, Armani Exchange, Prada, Costco, the liquor store or the freaking man on the corner and get yourself your very own ‘morning after ‘ fix, plan ahead for the clean up – the day after New Year’s Eve! I’m done…

No more posts.