Forget The Flu-Shot; We Need Inoculation Against Ignorance!

I think that every single person that does something egregious to someone else should be held accountable.

And, because not all ‘crimes against humanity’ are conveniently caught on camera, or rise to someone else’s standard of news-worthiness, because most infractions are as silent as the darkness, does not make them any less devastating or punishable. Whether a man takes out a weapon and seemingly (I was not there) without provocation takes aim at another’s future, does not make him more of a killer than the man that quietly wears down another’s sanity and well-being to the point that they end up taking their own life. A choke-hold is a choke-hold, no matter if physical or emotional. If anyone impedes another’s ability to thrive, function and comfortably enjoy the freedoms that are an intrinsic component in our right to live out all parts of our lives, they are effectively strangling us. When another’s will is held in higher regard than mine, they are then in violation of everyfuckingthing! A white man killing a black man is not the crime. A man killing another man without provocation is the crime! But, I want to know who can I report it to when a black woman or man, who is supposed to be my supporter and partner in good crime, calls me a bitch, a ho, or any of the other names currently on the market? Trust me when I say I am so far from trying to be funny! I am outraged that people are getting killed; not that (innocent) black people are getting killed by white people! I am baffled however at exactly what the continued violence is supposed to affect. I am saddened by what some are choosing to extrapolate from the goings-on in the world! The shootings, the rapes, the abuses, the abandonments, the killings are the symptoms of an epidemic that goes much deeper than racism; but I see how easy that is to highlight!

Education is the key. Our police forces need to be educated; both the black and non-black officers. Our students need to be educated; both the boys who are asking and the girls who are acquiescing or not. Our husbands, wives and partners need to be educated against breaking the cycles of abusive heredity and anger management needs to be taught. Employers and employees need to be educated on work-place etiquette. Our young men and ladies need to be educated on comportment; conversations need to be constantly had with them about the reality of the impressions they give. Our government needs to be educated on the realities most of its citizens live and their needs. Parents need to be educated on the fact that parenting happens so very very very long before, heaven forbid, you find your child injured or dead in the streets.

We ALL need to be educated. Death or injury (physical or emotional), are where it ends. What needs to be highlighted and addressed is where it begins! Disrespect and disregard need to be eradicated from the so-called “little” of life-actions if we are to expect it to manifest in the life or death situations! Oh… and that means from both fucking sides!

2 responses to Forget The Flu-Shot; We Need Inoculation Against Ignorance!

  1. Z

    Amen .
    What’s most frustrating is that these recent publicized killings are being hijacked by the the two extremes, whom no doubt , have their own agendas in mind .
    As in every topic lately dominated by the sensationalizing of social media , it’s extremely rare to bring back the conversation to a true middle ground , that is also constructive . I’m assuming we will just all move on to the next …
    Sad state of affairs indeed !

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  2. Let's AdDress This... – Author

    Indeed it is. I too am outraged by the number of fatalities of late; but I am also so very flabbergasted my “our” reactions. I am not sure what continued violence is supposed to achieve and marvel at the ignorance that perpetuates it. We need to realize that our behaviors are allowing for the deflection from the important issues – all anyone is hearing is the “noise”.


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