Knock, Knock. Who’s Dead?

I admit to being ignorant to many of the behaviors and lingo prevalent among our young people today; (1) because I am so not in that age-group and (2) because I am so not in that stage group. But, every once in a while, just like you, something gets dumped right smack in my lap, forcing me to pay attention. On Friday, a friend was relaying a story to me that had me dumbfounded and left me open-mouthed! So much so, that I decided to look into it…

It seems that there is a sick phenomenon that has been happening for a while – what some teens consider a “game”, called ‘knockout’. The premise of this so-called “game” is exactly what the name denotes; here is what these stupid, misguided, untrained, ignorant, oh, and black-on-black murderous fools have decided to do: they walk up to random, innocent, unsuspecting and un-provoking strangers (both male and female) on the street and attempt to knock them out with one blow to the head. If they are unsuccessful in doing so with one blow, either they or the other animals they travel with, will continue to rain blows down on the person…until they are down. It matters not to them whether you are left crippled, severely permanently injured or dead. This is true; and it is happening in many states. This just happened to a friend’s friend after work, during rush hour, at a street corner, heading home to her children, minding her own business…in Manhattan! She woke up in the hospital, multiple stitches to the face, facing future reconstruction.

Like I said, I had never heard about this latest foolishness before Friday; but naturally I did some research. I was disgusted at what I read! Sometimes, I have to admit to being so very amazed at the levels of depravity that we are capable of inflicting upon each other! What the fuck is your ability to sneak up on me like a ‘pussy’, blindside me with a sucker-punch, hurt, maim or kill me supposed to prove about you? Does that truly get your dick hard! Truly? Okay…I am so fucking mad right now!!! And, I acknowledge that my anger is equal parts fear and disgust! Yes, I am afraid because that could be me later today, tomorrow or the next! I cannot help but to think that aside from the obvious dangers I had come to guard against in my day-to-day routines, I now have to add this fucking bullshit! I am mad because we spend so much time trying to remove the specks in other’s eyes – leaving ours so full of boulders! I am furious because I can imagine someone fighting back against these thugs, killing one of them and the story then becoming about the fact that “an innocent young life was cut short”! And, heaven forbid if the one pulling the trigger to protect him/herself against this intended violence was white and the “victim” black! I have lived the reality of being called ‘same-race racist’ because I admit to crossing the street when I see a pack of black men approaching me and erring on the side of caution. So…now what?!

People, we need to stop being a nation of sensationalism and sound-bites. We need to resort to being grass-roots and truly get involved in why the what is happening; and stop insulting ourselves by thinking we are credible with just having the hash tags in front of our names and words – because the last time I checked, the ones with the ‘biggest dicks’ were the ones with the initials after! Sigh.

Okay…please be careful. Ladies, gentlemen, be aware of your surroundings; do not tune out while either talking/texting or listening to your music. Understand and accept that criminals do not have a look – well, actually I’m wrong – they look like you, me and, our children. Fucking ridiculous!

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