A Final Bit Of Advice…

Okay, I am unsure whose brilliant idea it was to schedule ‘finals’ right smack in the middle of the holiday season! The best I can come up with with regard to that state of mind, is that someone thought that in an effort to keep the impressionable minds firmly grounded and sufficiently lubed, there needed to be a lesson in the duality of life: that not one fucking sweet thing happens without its ever-present counterpart, bitterness, showing its ugly face!

Listen… to all my fellow sufferers for whom today officially starts that week of hell, I wish you the silence or ambient noise to study, the mental real estate to retain the information, all the coffee and Red Bull to pull those necessary all-nighters, a functioning alarm clock to get you up and out long before the very last minute (because, Lord help us with the MTA), the confidence to walk into that classroom for the last time, the perfect union between your brain and your fingers and finally, if all else fails… the wisdom to, next semester, establish yourself firmly as the ‘teacher’s pet’! Hahaha.

Now, log out of this damned site – there is nothing here that will help you on your test! Well, at least not yet J (beside which …I too have to hit the books!).

Good luck!

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