“Here’s Looking At You, Kid…”

IMG_20141220_221826So, just now while I was contemplating getting out of bed, I peripherally heard on GMA that Joe Cocker has died. Okay…I am sure yall knew about this occurrence in “real time”; but, my ass is a student, so yesterday, the only thing I was studying, were the terms I needed for my last final! Anyway, when I heard the news, I was compelled to hear (and download) his iconic rendition of “You Are So Beautiful”. My God!

So, that is how my morning has started; and, here I am. Most of you know this song; do yourselves a favor and listen to any rendition of it (there are a few). I listened this morning and my heart did something good. It made me realize, especially in the wake of all that has been happening to and around us, that there is so so so very much to be grateful for! I am smiling now as I think about all that I have in my life that makes me so incredibly happy!

Like you.

Indeed. I do not say this tritely (I promised from day# 1 to never insult you with some trite shit!) – I cannot, I will not, I prefer not to “do” any of this life without all the bits and pieces of people woven beautifully into my experiences. Shit! That would make everything so very dull indeed! So, “thank you’ for being here. I cannot help but to recognize that, as we approach Christmas Day, while we are all running around trying to buy the perfect ugly sweater (and not because we’re cool like that; but only because we’re last-minute like that), I have already gotten from life, the most incredible presents – your presence in my life.

Yeah, I’m feeling mushy today; none of that ranting. I feel like falling in love…again. I feel like walking and holding hands. I feel like looking up at you – only to find you were already looking at me. I feel like every corny line of love that was ever uttered! I know you all are not surprised; you’ve realized by now that I am (possibly) too in touch with my feminine side. Ha-ha. Yes, I admit to being a woman who prefers and opts to live very very close to her soul; for me and subsequently for you, it is where all my magic emanates from J

Now I feel like James Brown – “I Feel Good…” Hahahahaha. I truly do. Listen, I gotta go; need to run to the shoe-guy, then work, get my hair washed, pack – I got stuff! Sending you all great big juicy, noisy, sloppy, wet kisses and the most encompassing embraces you may need. Listen to the song; recommend others that I should listen too (but make sure it makes me feel like this). Ha-ha. Have an incredibly fantastic day! We’re here! Fall in love. Renew your love. Share your love. Reinvent some love. Give me some love.

Damn- what a day (and, it’s only 8:00am)!


2 responses to “Here’s Looking At You, Kid…”

  1. cheryl

    Joe Cocker mainly did covers of other people’s song, but, he always made the song his own. That raspy voice will be missed. Happy Holidays & Happy New Year to you, your family and all who follow this blog. Safe travels!


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