Damn… Nothing To Address!

This morning, I heated some pastelles (Trini Christmas delicacy), poured a glass of sorrel (Trini Christmas drink), took my tab to the balcony and sat down to write to you all. That was five hours ago.

Listen, I am wishing you all a fantastic weekend; I do trust that your holiday season is unfolding in precisely the style you all would want it to – mine is. I promise to try again tomorrow; but, I am feeling so good down here, that I can’t even conjure up some shenanigans to rant about J

 Okay, have to go get gussied up – have been invited to a black tie military affair (and, it just so happened that I brought that “just in case” black gown with me). But, please stand by – I have a very strong suspicion that this evening will be providing quite the bit to address at a later date 😉

“Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect…”

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