Happy You Year!

As of today, we have been granted yet another 365 big ones to get it done!

Happy New Year to you all! I absofuckinglutely wish you all all things peaceful, successful, loveful and funful for this new year! Can you all believe it? Here we are again – at the “start’ line; pistols cocked!

Not sure if any of you all are in to this ‘resolution’ business; I am not. I have always considered it one of those quite trite things we have been conditioned to believe must mark the start of a new year. If something you’ve bought into, don’t mind me; do you. Me, I prefer to continue on as I had been doing – making my plans, setting my goals and checking them off as I go – all year long and, realistically.

But, one thing yall will have gathered thus far, I am absolutely quite invested in marking those occasions, experiences and events in life… that make life. Last year, this year, there will never be a year that I do not acknowledge those people and things that keep my heart beating and my soul vibrating!

I have had a blast in 2014; even among the tears (yes; there have been those)! I am so grateful for all the experiences I have had and especially for those that I have had… because of you. Yes, you. Living life with and through you all for the past seven months, defies appropriate articulation; even from me. I am able to express however that I am so very very grateful that you have allowed me to enter your lives; to get glimpses into your private spaces. Thank you.

Listen, please have a fantastic year! I implore you all to dream; please never deny yourselves the incredible miracle that can spawn from hope. Every day, every day, wake up knowing that you are deserving of all the blessings that the universe has in store for you… if you believe. I promise. I checked – there are ‘goodies’ with all your names on it J

So…. let’s do this! It is going to be one fucking hell of a ride!


2 responses to Happy You Year!

  1. cheryl

    You know that i believe that your birthday is your personal new year. So happy world new year! Wishing you the best in 2015!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Let's AdDress This... – Author

    Cheryl, soooooooooooooooo looking forward to doing this new year with you!

    Thank you for reading ‘me’.


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