The R.Evolution Of Love…

Sometimes I cannot even believe my incredible luck that they “belong to me”! Truly. Do yall have those kind of friends that sometimes you can’t help but to puff out your chest with pride at their very existence? As if you had anyfuckingthing to do with it? Ha-ha. Well, if you don’t, sorry to hear that; I do! In fact, for one reason or the other, I ‘puff-up’ for most of the people in my life. Today, I will officially introduce you to two.

To me, they’re Semaj and Jordan; to the world they are called Love Evolution. But, no matter what they’re called (they answer to either J ), anyone, everyone in their presence agree on this one point – these two are two extremely talented, soulful, thought-provoking, beautiful and sexy as hell people! Standing anywhere close to their light never fails to infuse you with collateral heat!

Listen, trust me when I assure you that I am not gushing simply because I love them; all of my friends know this about me – my loving you never dictates my promoting or recommending you – I only step out on a limb/risk my own name or reputation for the real shit! These two are the ‘real deal’. So, now that that’s cleared up, let me tell you a bit about Love Evolution; then, you should really do yourselves a favor, track them down behind a mic.

Independently, both Semaj and Jordan have been making music and titillating minds for years:

Semaj’s soulful tone and sensuality is an unmistakable tribute to her native New Orleans. I remember my first encounter with her – Lord… she’s the stuff girl-crushes are made of! Seriously. The voice. The words. The movement. The lyrical mind-fuck! Semaj takes the entity ‘woman’, mixes it up, sprinkles some (Creole) spice and re-presents it to the world backed by a melody of knowledge. Her presence brings peace; her state of being, Zen.

And, there’s Jordan. Jordan defies much explanation; he’s truly someone one has to experience for themselves (but, don’t get too close; that man is totally taken!). Jordan too is a personification of his Haitian heritage; behind every mic and guitar birthing the mystique that his forefathers hold sacred. But, as if not enough, Jordan litters every stage with the bits and pieces that now live under his skin after a journey of international living. His presence unlike his partner’s, brings utter chaos and unchecked excitement.

These two met and understood that they have spent a mini lifetime in preparation for each other; they joined forces. Two things that have changed the world were born from that decision – their beautiful daughter Zenn (you met her in the October 17th post: Life Changed When She Said “Yes”) and, Love Evolution. I daresay that the birth of their daughter has added unimaginable depths to their music and undeniable magic to their performance. Behind the mic and guitar, these two open the door and let us into the evidence and proof of the professional product of their personal union. Breathtaking!

Listen, today is Wednesday, some call it “Hump Day”; which means it’s a fantastic day to submerge yourselves in sensuality and raw, unbridled talent! I will help you out a bit and get you started – listen to this song and watch this video these two wrote on and for this New Fantastic Year we are in: – you will see that I am not simply just proud, I am absolutely right!

For more Love Evolution, check out their YouTube channel: Love Evolution Music.


One response to The R.Evolution Of Love…

  1. too much too love

    Words can not express our humble appreciation for you undying support sistafriend. I love u


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