Seek And You Shall, Well, Mind…

10176065_10151955071346787_4321729006667502613_nI have this way, if troubled, of being woken from sleep. I have been tossing, turning and thinking since 4am.

I am yet to place a finger firmly on the true cause of my upheaval; wading my way through all the little irritants that are vying for attention, seeking to beef up their importance. Sigh.

While I grapple with me, I would like to wish you all a very safe day. For those living in the parts where naughty things fall and freeze from the sky, please bundle up (when you get to where you’re going, make like a present – unwrap and be spectacular!). But whether you’re adversely affected by the weather or not, just please make it a safe, productive, stimulating, peaceful, loveful day!

There is so much in the world to break our hearts – I pray that each of you have a place, a person, a space that offers you comfort and allows you peace.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, got it; I know what’s wrong! Gotta go yall; talk soon…


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