The Passage Of Tyme

Woke up this morning with quite the hangover; and all I wanted…well, what I still want, is to go back to bed and promise God that if He were to let me live, I will be so so so so good from this point on! Ouch!

But, going back under the covers is not an option. Today, well, today, I need to put on my ‘big Auntie panties’ – Ty turns seven – and, there’s a birthday party – with a magician! Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! (Oh…. maybe he can make my pain disappear!).

I remember when she was born – and I swear it was NOT seven years ago! Wow! Sometimes don’t you just have to sit back and marvel at the passage of time; and quite frankly, question what you’ve done with it! I remember skating into the delivery room mere seconds before she made her entrance… and changed the world forever. I remember holding her for the first time; I remember falling in love with that face.

You know, aside for just being incredibly grateful that Ty is in this world, I also credit her being as the catalyst for my stopping smoking; yes, I will be seven years smoke-free in April! I remember the day my sister was looking for me to hold the baby – and I was outside… smoking. I remember the look I got and I remember the feeling I had. One week later, I was an ex-smoker.

20150109_171814So yes, this little girl has changed my life is so very many ways; she and her soon-to-be-five year old sister have ensured that my arms are never empty. Because of them, I am able to see the world with renewed wonder, amazement, excitement… and a hell of a lot of noise! Truly. I never knew it was possible to have one’s name said with such rapid-fire repetition! I had forgotten (you know…my own beauty of a child is a tad older; ha-ha) the incessant number of questions a seemingly insatiable mind can manifest! Lord…. “hair of the dog”, anyone?

Listen, children (especially little ones) are God’s gifts to us to remind us that miracles happen every minute of every day. When a child’s face splits open with a smile – that is the Universe showing off. Children’s laughter is the sound that musicians wish they could emulate. Watching them learn and grow is a testament to God’s love for us and His interest in and promise for our future. Through them, we experience all that we had forgotten and stumble upon all we never knew.

Today I wish that little girl a very Happy Birthday! She is too young still yet to recognize the magnitude of her presence in and on my life…but, I show her; and one day, she will understand.

Oh… and for all who are wondering the “why?” of the hangover – “blame it on the goose”. Hahaha. Gotta go; time to play ‘restaurant’ with the girls (I hope they serve beer) J





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