…By Any Dreams Necessary

I struggle to understand why such hate lives in the, well, I resist saying ‘heart’ of so many among us. I am deeply saddened that for some, lives have very little value.

The massacre that has been visited upon Nigeria defies any logic that I can pride myself in being able to manifest. Sigh. It has to end. I pray that it ends someday in my/our lifetime, so that we will be able, before we die, to experience the kind of world that we were intended to habitate. Because, this is not it!

This place where hatred and racism struggle to dominate beauty, peace and love is absofuckinglutely not the world that we and our children are entitled to! The images that populate of indescribable realities should be the stuff of a Stephen King movie; not the very sad testament to our world gone absolutely mad! How many bodies were there on the ground? Too many to count; and too heinous to fathom!

I often wonder what it will take to heal the world. Is it even possible? Sometimes I ache with the pessimistic thought that we will never live in peace; that as soon as we get close to one resolution, another will be manufactured – because only war, discord and strife are profitable! There seems to be very little monetary value in peace. But ‘peace’ aside – what happened to some of us that allows for a result such as Boko Haram? What or who had to so adversely touch a heart that after that encounter one is able to walk away leaving thousands dead in his wake?

My God… we need to stop! We need to get to the place where all lives matter – no matter the color, religion, sexual preference or gender identity. We need to respect choices and celebrate differences. We must learn tolerance, forgiveness and empathy! We absolutely cannot go on like this – there will be nothing left! I do not understand why we simply cannot just mind our own goddamned business! What difference is it to you who I love? And, what business of mine is it whom you choose to serve?

I am so mad! But moreover, I am so sad for all of us. Because, so many of us are so busy hating and holding on to anger, that we do not even realize how much we are missing. So many are so caught up fighting for causes that we do not even understand; simply perpetuating those legacies of hatred. I know that some (maybe even many) of you disagree with what you think is my position with regard to the recent killings and disapprove with what you perceive as my seeming lukewarm stance in the face of what you may consider blatant racism against our people. I am sorry you feel this way; because, here is how I do feel:

I am a very very simple girl – I truly just want us all to get along. I stay away from conversations of politics (mainly because it bores me; and, as a result I am not very versed on the subject) and, I do the same with religion (this because I avoid the audacity it takes to tell anyone what they should believe. I know what I do and that is truly all that matters to both me and my God). What you should have realized by now is that I am simply a woman that, in all things, strives to find the way back to what I believe is not only truly important, but that I happen to still believe is all that will ever matter in the end – love. At the end of every day, for me, what will always be the important factor is how we achieve peace. How do we get back to loving? And, what I can do to make you feel good.

I am saying that to say this: I am just as mad and disturbed by the recent (and not-so-recent) goings-on. Again, it has to stop. But, so many are focused on the perceived racism-aspect of things that one more person (that be me) is not necessary in that aspect of the fight. Yall handle that. Simultaneously, I hope to set things up on the other side, so that when we do get to the other side, there are those of us waiting with a plan to move forward while maintaining peace and law and order. So, I’ll be here laying the breadcrumbs out so that you’ll find your way home from battle. And, I will be your soft place to land.

Listen, we all need to do what we can and lean heavily on our unique strengths – mine is to work backwards. I identify the purpose, the end-game – and, I start from there and work back. I want peace. I can either advocate for that in kind, or war; but so many are already opting for the latter. Believe me, I know it’s hard and there is so very much to get angry about! Lives are being lost and too much red is seeping into the dirt and the asphalt! I do agree. But here is something I have learned – you will definitely lose if you fight against someone with no value for life. But, you can absolutely win if you love and show someone the value of life.

For all the innocent lives lost here, there and anywhere I hope your souls rest in peace. I pray that someday, even if only in the lifetime of our children’s children, we learn acceptance; for only in that moment will we achieve the kind of spectacular world that was intended for our journey.





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