My Best Short Story:

20140610_082910I woke up at 6:30amish and went through my routine – went to the bathroom to relieve myself of that best-pee-pee-of-the-day, first pee-pee, went to the kitchen to put the kettle on the stove for my tea, picked up my tab on the way back to the bedroom, stopped off again in the bathroom to perform some other morning rituals – then got back into bed where I do my second best work… writing 😉

So I gathered my thoughts and allowed the process to begin. Yes, I sat and allowed my thoughts and feelings to take over; to dictate what will flow through me… to you. Please believe me when I tell you that most times, the only control I have in the process is the decision to write. What I write is ruled by that other bitch. Ha-ha. Truly.

The kettle started boiling; I went back to the kitchen to pour it over my teabag and left it to steep for the (not sure why I do this) requisite seven minutes. Back to the bed, tab on my lap and I started to write: “This morning when I woke up, I…” Then it hit me – so often less is more. Sometimes, it takes only a very few words to convey the relevance of any statement or reality. Today, just now I realized that these next words may indeed rival all the significance and depth of any of my I love you’s. My friends, this is what we will talk about; indeed probably the most profound of all I can ever address:

This morning I woke up…

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