I Am Woman, Watch Me Soar…

Some of the best experiences in life happen organically; and, they cost a hell of a lot less than their edible counterparts do at Whole Foods!

Last evening I was fortunate to be sitting in a room filled with some very diversely eclectic women; each wearing their uniqueness proudly, but with one indisputable similar thread connecting all – they were smart and successful as all fuck! Then, there was me; ha-ha. No, but seriously – in that one room these women collectively had more letters behind their names than there are readily available in the alphabet – someone would have had to “buy a vowel” J

So, as we sat around and talked, laughed, danced and got into those fantastic conversations that jump from here to there, I could not help at intervals, to simply sit back and absorb not only where I was, but amongst whom. I could not help but (and still) to acknowledge that that was precisely the reason that I have chosen to live the way I have – giving my attention and placing my energies into the real people that I am fortunate to share time with; having very little left for the so-called celebrities and wannabes. In the event I do need to explain, I say “so-called” because in my world, I was sitting crossed-legged on the floor in a beautiful apartment in Brooklyn, amongst the true celebrities.

These women, of some all kinds of ethnicities, are all women dedicated to not only their lives and their families, but are, in their professions, some true heavy-hitters. But last night, they were all simply women… no, friends, getting together to celebrate the warming of another’s new home. Just as we left our coats and shoes at the door, so too did they all hang up the letters – shrugging out of what they did – to simply be a part of all that we are – women.

Let’s address this: the Bible (oh shit….don’t leave; I promise to come back around) talks about “where two or more are gathered in His name” and, we all have heard and made the very Urban joke of those other people being afraid when they see two or more black folks… congregating. Hahahaha. But listen, none of that compares to when you place two or more beautiful, positive, self-aware, purposeful, driven, vocal and intelligent women in one room; add some food, wine and beer, mix and stir! There is not a name for that concoction! It is definitely in moments such as these that, if one is smart, you can extrapolate what is needed to identify, acknowledge, learn from and heal. It is in the safety of commonality and lack of judgment that pockets of spaces are exposed that allow for shared realities and that broker understanding. Experiences such as last evening emphasize the responsibilities that women have toward our young ladies. I remember thinking that I wished my daughter were in that room.

So we laughed, talked, ate, drank, laughed some more and danced together for a few hours; at times unwittingly placing ourselves smack dab into a spectacular Waiting To Exhale moment or three. There were old friends reconnecting and new friendships being forged. There were moments of empathy (d’uh…. we were after all women) and beneath and behind the laughter, incredible moments of enlightenment and education. For me, there was confirmation that I am indeed on the correct path.

I watched these women and felt pride. You may wonder what the hell I had to feel proud about; as if I had anything to do with their success. But if you are indeed asking yourself that question, you are either yet to learn or have missed the class on womanhood. I felt pride because I did have something to do with it; just as they do and will continue to for me. And, not just these women, but all women – because… womanhood is a journey; and there is not a single one of us that can successfully navigate that course alone. Every day I rise, every morning you (woman) rise, I lend to you as you do me, your strength, your beauty, your compassion, your tenderness, your determination, your sensuality, your wisdom, your peace; you lend me your voice.

I sat in a room of beautiful, accomplished women in whose names I dedicate today’s post and in whose honor I will continue on…









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  1. Let's AdDress This... – Author

    … As I appreciate the encouragement depicted by your spelling. Thank you.


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