White Powder To Snort… At

Lord help us! There is some crap about to fall out of the sky unto our (suspecting) heads! Not sure what you all think of it – because I know that some of you (shhhhhhhhhhhh… white people) like the snow and shit! But speaking on behalf of all of us ‘people of color’ – yall could keep that! Sigh…

So yes, it’s forecasted to be a big bad one, starting now and ending tomorrow; at the end of which, poor little us could be trying to navigate through our days in 12-24-36” inches of shit! But, this is just one of the prices we pay for living in the most exciting city in the world! That’s right… not addressing you readers from Philly, DE, DC et al; I am in a “New York state of mind”. Hahahahaha.

Listen, be safe; truly. I do not care what your weather preferences are – what they are predicting can be dangerous for us all. The roads will be difficult to navigate; whether in a vehicle or on foot. Be careful. I suggest for those who can, call out and stay in; tomorrow I just might (I’m thinking beer, food, munchies and movies. Don’t judge that beer was first in line; the letter ‘b’ went before all the others 😉 ).

Okay, I gotta go; got to get to work. Trying to figure out what to wear for this impending foolishness will not be easy! My GMA folks say we just “bundle up” and be careful; translated to mean, Hunter boots, hat, scarf, North Face, long johns and gloves (don’t know about yall, but I have always said nothing named “John” will ever touch my skin – no matter how long he… oops, I mean, it is). Hahaha. Okay, I’ll stop with the foolishness; I really do need to get a move on.

Be good. Be safe. Be happy. Have a great Monday yall…


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