“Ting A-Ling A-Ling, School Bells Ring…”

“Guess what day it is?” Ha-ha. For those of you already knee-deep in your chosen professional fields and careers, it is indeed the much-celebrated ‘Hump Day’. But, for those of us still in the throes of our academic aspirations, it is simply the first day of school. Yep, today marks the official first day of my Spring 2015 semester (although my classes do not start until tomorrow).

Indeed this break has been not only a good one, but certainly a necessary and revealing one. Thankfully my break started with my being able to take the time to spend Christmas in Trinidad with my beautiful daughter (and that boyfriend of hers that I truly like; shhhhhhhhhhhh, don’t tell him). The past month+ also afforded me the opportunity to re-connect with some friends – well, I am always connected; but, I actually saw their faces (it is very widely documented amongst those that love me, that when the semester is in session, I am at best a voice over the telephone). Boy are my friends beautiful J . I was able to ‘swim with the dolphins’… okay, not true; but, I was able to be a part of the multiple fairytales that my nieces Ty and Riley could have conjured up. Priceless moments, heavily littered with laughter.

But see, these amazing moments also brought with them the not-as-pleasant situations that, simply because of their importance, were absolutely necessary for me to attend to – and certainly before the bell rings today. There were family issues, professional situations and living accommodations to address. I thank God that every single one of them has thus far been resolved not only in my favor, but similarly in my best interest. My family is safe and sou… who am I kidding? There is nothing “sound” about my family; we are all beautifully nutty! Hahaha. But, we are safe. A modified professional schedule that will accommodate both my academic and peace-of-mind priorities has been agreed to. And, shortly after putting the period on my post dated January 2nd, I got a phone call that offered me a “stay” – not of execution, but of vacateion. I am still in my home.

So yes; it was a fantastic break! But now, I cannot contain my excitement for tomorrow! My daughter calls me a ‘nerd’ and, I believe she is indeed right J . But loving name-calling aside, my excitement for every semester is two-fold – I am absolutely loving this journey I have embarked on; but more importantly, each semester brings me closer and closer to my finish line. And my friends, for that day I cannot wait! Knowing that the day I am able to begin sharing the knowledge I have garnered to help and to heal is moving closer to me, is an incredible feeling! It wakes me up, gets me out and keeps me going!

To all my fellow CUNY students and to all students getting up and showing up, I wish us all an absolutely successful semester! I wish you the fortitude to keep going, in spite of. I pray that your dreams are bigger than your book bags and that your troubles fit on the tip of your pencils. Cry when you need to; this school-business is tough. But never allow your tears to blind you from your goals – simply use them to wash away what may have momentarily blinded you. Just think… you are already a success – you’re in school!

Alright, don’t use me as an excuse why you’re late for your first day of school – get your ass to class! I’m off to get ready for work. Show up; but most importantly, be present. Let’s have a fantastic semester!

“It always seems impossible until it is done…”

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