Godness Gracious!

I could start out “nice and easy”, wielding my proverbial pen to lull you all into a very false sense of security. Or, I could opt to continue to behave in my preferred state of being – and cut through the bullshit. Let’s implement the second, shall we? Cause passive-aggressive? “Ain’t nobody got time for that”!

Let’s address this: I find that the place where one can find the most sanctimonious and judgmental people is, you guessed it, in church. Now, don’t get me wrong – I am absolutely not speaking about those that believe what they believe, mind their religious-business, live their lives and more importantly, allow you to live yours as you deem fit; no! I am addressing those people that not only insist on trying to convert our supposed-sinful asses, but who also take some misplaced, unearned and undeserved pride in the fact that they walk through the (church) doors and are able to fling biblical quotes around. The ones who dare to think that they have a right to have anyfuckingopinion about how I/we live our lives! Told you… I don’t ‘do’ passive!

Before I completely get taken over by both my emotions and the (un-holy) spirit, let me share this with you – I am a very big fan of God’s! I am because there has been proof in my life that He is in my life. There have been those situations, experiences and instances that I have chosen to give up to Him because I knew that I had little to do with either the inception or the outcome. There continue to be moments in life that I opt to walk alongside Him; to include Him in. For me, I prefer to live this life, my life, believing that not only does He exist; but that undoubtedly and unquestionably, I am one of His favorites 😉

See, but here is what I also believe. Not one bit of that, of my choice to have a relationship with my God, allows me the right to try to influence your choices! And, it certainly does not allow me the unmitigated gall to ever point out to you what, in my ignorant, unsolicited, misinformed, sinful and human opinion you may be doing incorrectly with your life! Who the fuck am I? I mean… God may love me big, but He certainly didn’t marry my ass and change my name to ‘Mrs. God’!!

What I’m saying is that we all need to be very careful. And, we also need to be very truthful. My resistance toward judging anyone based off of my religious or spiritual beliefs also influences my hesitance in speaking or writing about it; I prefer to just simply judge your ass based off of the obvious worldly dumb-shit you do (God doesn’t need to get involved in all our foolishness!). Additionally, my spirituality is as sacred as my loverships; I share if, when and how I want; and in both these matters, I find that other people’s opinions at times do more harm than good.

Listen, we need to do like the State and stay the hell out of other people’s bedrooms and religions! If and how someone gets down on their knees in either instance is nobody’s damn business! If you have always known or just found God, good for you. But, before you open your mouths to profess all that you know and attempt to try to point out all that you think someone else does not know, maybe you should first make sure all your (worldly) ducks are in a row! And, I defy any human being walking this earth, the ability to show me a life devoid of blemishes or so-called sin.

Sigh. I applaud anyone, everyone who is attempting to live right; no matter to whom they attribute the influence. I also firmly believe that one does not need the Bible, Quran, Torah, or any other book to point how what is right or wrong. But, I will also never disrespect those that lean heavily on those teachings. What I will always resist is someone proclaiming to be better than, simply because they can regurgitate passages and scriptures – my four and seven year old nieces also know all the words to Ariana Grande’s songs – without any damn idea of what those words mean! Just sayin’.

Now I’m riled up! Finally I will say this: for those always wondering what my ‘take’ on religion has been, here you are: I speak with my God often. Every once in a while (have been mad at Him since I lost my baby boy), I go to church to borrow strength form others around me. More than praying, I talk to Him… a lot. But yes, I do pray – we need it. See, but because I way down in my soul know that my God is one of love, benevolence, patience, wisdom and understanding, I also know that He knows that this life out here at times needs me (and you) to let loose with some well-aimed curse words! My God understands all my weaknesses – of the flesh, the heart, the mouth, my soul. My God was chillin’ with prostitutes, murderers, thieves and shit; yall out here tying to condemn people.

So, I don’t know all the scriptures and many Sundays you will find me in bed, not in church. But, when I wake up Monday morning, my God knows that I will be doing my best, with what He gave to me. Let’s all be very clear – there is no human being on this earth, walking, breathing, shitting, working, playing, fucking, shopping, employing, dismissing, educating, parenting, preaching, or any other ing you can think of, that has the right or authority to judge you based off of their so-called religious beliefs!

Ladies and gentlemen, find your way to do your good, let it emanate from deep within you; do it every day. It will not teach you the Bible; but I daresay you have tapped into your spirituality.



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