Truly Making Friday Your Second Favorite F Word

I woke up this morning planning to (attempt to) wax eloquent about the state of this and that as it relates to our psychological realm… and then, I realized that that is truly not how I am feeling. I checked in with myself and realize that I am certainly not feeling philosophical – my ass is feeling carnal!

So listen, it’s Friday – a fantastic day to put some plans in motion and schedule some naughtiness ;). Don’t know about yall, but it’s been one hell of a looooonnnnnggggg week! And, I am quite proud to say that I handled all my big-girl responsibilities – save one. And, that is the one that I am doing my best to be quite ‘ladylike’ about right now. So, knowing myself, I should wrap this conversation up very quickly – can’t guarantee how long I can hold on to being circumspect J

For all of you who deserve a little treat for a week well done and to the rest who just now are thinking this is not a half-bad idea, go organize a little somethin’-somethin’. Truly. Trust me on this. Treat scheduling some lovin’ the same way you schedule doctors’ visits, hair appointments, facials, dental visits, waxes… all your care. Do not ever allow yourself to get to the point where you overlook this vital area of maintenance.

I’m done here. There is absolutely nothing more that I can say that can be more important than yall booking some ass for now or later! Hahahahahaha. Okay, let me be for real – there is nothing more that I can say that can be more important than my booking some, well….. you know 😉

“It’s Friday. Remember that bad decisions = the best stories…”



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