A Reflective Perspective:

There are flecks of light and dark and of colors to

Their hue simply as a reflection of you.

The depth of a soul is residing within

I can’t tell you about it; shit! Wouldn’t know where to begin!

But, he moves with a strength that’s impossible to ignore

It is evident from the moment he walks through the door.

The knowing tilt of a head; a shoulder so broad

Give me a minute here; fuck! Oh Lord!

Let’s forget about that – look behind those long lashes

Let’s evaluate his smile; see if it matches.

If you pay close attention you’ll detect a quiet sadness

But he’s good at hiding; hiding behind life’s madness.

It must be difficult being viewed as an object

Knowing each time they look at you you’re becoming the subject

Of their whispers, their gossip and their childish desires

I’m hoping there is a special one that for your accomplishments, admires.

We all need a safe place to rest our head

That place where it’s okay to voice our dread.

Their arms, their chest, their laps should be ours

So open and willing – letting us stay there for hours.

Life has a way of testing our smiles

Verifying our purposes and vetting our lies.

It demands that we stay resolute in our beliefs and our purpose

Seeming to turn its back on the weakest amongst us.

But it also always provides us with just what we need

Oftentimes in the most unlikely of ways indeed.

There are always people and places of peace

With encouragement, laughter and wisdom that doesn’t cease.

Please never feel the need to do this alone

When it gets too bad, simply pick up the phone.

We each have those times when it gets too much

Those moments that can be quieted by a human’s touch.

The answers will come; they always do

Be still, be quiet; He will show up for you.

Continue to live, laugh and love

Much like the rain…peace will come from above.

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