It’s 10:00 O’Clock. Do You Know Where Your Loved Ones Are?

Have you ever felt so very overwhelmed, that truly all you would like to do is sit in the middle of a room – preferably dark – take off your bra and false-everythings, make sure to place multiple options of your favorite-everything drink (and, because this is New York, let’s also add, drug) within both arms’ reach, have your device ready to play that song that just “does it for you”… on repeat? No cushion; this has just got to hurt your ass as much as the rest of you is already stinging and, you’ve got to be in the middle of the room – how the hell else will you master that ‘Hollywood’ moment dictated by the prolific rocking back and forth? Oh; before I forget, you find on the cuff of your comfy sweatpants a piece of thread that is just perfect for what is to come – after all, this moment begs for something to obsessively pick at. Your mobile must be close – just in case. Have you ever felt so damned overwhelmed that all you would like to do is sit on the floor in the middle of this room with everything you need for those moments and let the tears silently fall?

Here’s the good news – If you are cognizant of building all these steps, you are just fine. Sip some of that wine (yes; let’s assume it was just wine) and get some sleep.

For those that open their eyes one day and find themselves in the midst of that scene I have described, unsure of how they have ended up in what seems to be a scripted “made-for-Hollywood-moment”, I encourage you to hold on. I promise, I absolutely promise you that there is help waiting for you. Believe that there is light. And, always trust that there is love.

“Nobody said it was going to be easy. They just said it was going to be worth it…”




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