If Slang Is Used And No One Is Around To Hear It, Can It Still Be Stupid?

I was told that something I wrote was “on fleek”. I am not a bit embarrassed to say that I had absofuckinglutely no idea what that meant and had to ask for both spelling and interpretation J

Okay, it turns out that that meant my shit was “on point” (and I’m wondering why they just didn’t say so); but, that one comment has sparked a train of thought and, well, here I am. So, let’s address this

My first thought is, “who the hell comes up with these things? And, how the hell do they get around?” I mean, it seems as if there is some sort of flash-mob mentality when it comes to the latest lingo. Maybe it’s Facebook? Or perhaps Jay-Z (I have heard that when it comes to coining some urban slang, he is quite the trail-blazer)? Truly, how and where do these new words come from? But for someone like me, the “why” is even more important. No really. For instance, why is ‘bae’ a thing that so many of you are using and thinking that it is either cute or cool?!

Listen, in my day, I sure did have my share of words that were used to represent an opinion or a feeling. To name a few, we said something was “fly” or “dope” when we sought to depict our approval of same, or how cool it was. We also said things were “hard” when we wanted to show our, ahem… approval 😉 But in my un-cool opinion, lately (and for an old woman like me, “lately” means years), things have started to get a little weird. Truly. Yes I said it; things have only now gotten weird! Ha-ha. Some of the things you young people (and those others who do not mind sounding silly) say defy not only logic but sounds absolutely stupid!

Sigh. Okay, I am all for those terms of endearment that seek to separate your favorite lover from the others. Hahaha; I’ll behave. Seriously, I champion and do use, when applicable (and not always to over-do the damned thing!) words that express my fond feelings for someone; I get that. Shit! I admit I also have very particular words to express my disdain for others (and those I use ALL the time)! I get that these endearments are meant to verbally caress our partners. But again I ask, what the fuck is a “bae”?!? And, I do not mean what the acronyms stand for, that I know (oh! For those that don’t, it means, ‘before all else’). I am questioning how and more importantly why any of you would use it? Call me ‘old-school’ (or just plain ol’ old), but calling my partner any new word/expression that is supposedly now trending in culture is insulting and worthy of being dumped – if for no other reason than my lack of imagination, originality and my sheep-like propensity! Ridiculous!

Don’t get me wrong, in so very many ways I admire how people’s minds work and the cleverness that can come out of same; I truly do! I think that this world has some seriously lyrically brilliant citizens! I also think however that it allows to inhabit, some others that expose their ignorance not just day after day, but minute-by-minute! So, don’t for a minute think that I am anti-slang or anti those expressions that are borne out of one man’s boredom, laziness and cleverness; I am not. What I do scoff at however, is the lack of thought the rest seem to implement when it comes to adopting same into their day-to-day vocabulary! Bear with me a little while longer; wrapping this up.

A question for you: is my first morning pee-pee also ‘bae’? Because trust me, I really, truly absolutely do it, ‘before all else”! Hahahahaha. Okay, there are some others that do tickle me – I absolutely lost my giggly shit when I was told for the first time I was acting “brand new”! Love that! I think it defies cleverness whom ever came up with the term, “jump-off”; brilliant and apropos! When I hear a father refer to his son as “Shorty”, a secret smile touches my insides. Yes, there are those words and phrases that I enjoy (I do not use them however) and that I find dripping in verbal agility.

But for me, being called something that is being used on the market that is supposedly designed to make me feel special is a contradiction in terms. Additionally, I have gift-wrapped two names and handed them to you; so if you cannot come up with your very own, designed-just-for-me “pet” name, use either – I promise I will answer! Okay, gotta go; talk again another time. Spending so much time with yall cuts down on the time I will need to ensure that when I step out to begin my public day, my shit is on fleek J



One response to If Slang Is Used And No One Is Around To Hear It, Can It Still Be Stupid?

  1. cheryl

    Fury, this one had me laughing like crazy!! Was watching tv the other day (one of those bridal shows), the bride tries on a gown and her says “Take that off! You don’t looked SNATCHED in that”! I’m thinking – what the hell??!! Urban Dictionary says ” referring to good looks, fierceness, or something good”. So, we must now make sure that when we leave the house we’re either “on fleek or snatched”!! Have a FAB day!

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