I’m Starting With The (Wo)Man In The Mirror. Asking Her To Check Her Ways…

Yesterday seemed like a good day to make some decisions and changes. Today seems like a great day to bring them to life.

Lately there have been some happenings I could have done without; decisions made by others that pointed some of its ripple effects in my direction. I shared some of those with you all; some others I have kept to myself for one reason or the other. But here is what I will share – in some way, be it magnanimous or miniscule, I share in what eventually unfurled. So, as I accept that my influence over others’ behaviors is limited at best, I acknowledge that I hold complete ownership over my own – hence yesterday’s decisions and today’s implementation.

I am truly excited about all this! There is a sort of liberation that accompanies any decision (that is followed by dedicated and focused action) that should not be minimized. You see, the truth is that sometimes/many times, the harder part of that “decision = action” equation, is the “decision” part; because that little bugger means taking an honest and critical look at our shit (and, who the hell wants to do that… given some of our shit!). Truly; think about it. There are so very many ways one can use to justify this or that action and, some of them very valid to boot. But the truth is, sometimes, no matter how much justification we can attach to our behaviors, said behaviors can still be indisputably wrong.

So I’ve decided to do something quite simple really… I’ve decided to adjust my sails in an attempt to affect the winds that blow in my direction. My blessings are many; but I admit that there are things in my space that can do with some of my devoted attention. Lately, I have been so very busy and things have in some ways been turned upsidefuckingdown that I have allowed myself the right to just keep putting that one 4” clad foot in front of the other; letting the proverbial chips “fall where they may”. How is that for valid justification? The thing is though, it’s true as fuck! But, what is also true is that I am not now, nor do I intend to be the type of woman to settle for mediocrity – either from myself or from the circumstances around me!

Yesterday I made decisions. Today I begin to live them. Excited that some people and things will be accompanying me as I push forward; resigned and accepting that some won’t. I mean, it is proven that one moves best when the load they carry is lighter. Listen, do this with me. Oh, what a fantastic idea! Do this with me! Take a look at your shit – yours – not anyone else’s and, figure out what you need to do to make the rest of your time here as close to perfect for you as you can. Shine a bright, revealing light on your crap and make plans to get rid of it. If it’s temper issues, ask a toddler how to count to ten and learn that shit! If it’s weight struggles, decide how long and well you would like to live, get disciplined, stay focused and reach your goal! If you have a stink-ass attitude, I don’t care how much you think those bitches or the no-good men in your life made you this way, check yourself! Lazy? Procrastinator? Understand that that makes you amongst other things, undependable, a disappointment, an underachiever and downright ‘not hot’! Get up off of your ass!

I could keep going; but both of us have shit to do that starts now! I am toooooooooooooooooooooo excited; I love when I am brave enough to make myself my project J See, I have no right, absolutely no right to ask, order or tell you to change this-that-or-the-other behavior that may either rub me the wrong way or that downright disrespects or dishonors me. But what I do have is the ability and the right to look at and adjust my own behaviors that may erroneously give the impression that that is okay with me. Additionally, as a proud member of the society that is the human race, I am obligated to ensure that I am not deluding myself in thinking I am doing ‘life’ (mostly) right, when in truth I am simply a 4” strutting bitch!

Don’t know ‘bout yall, but Santa’s not catching me off-guard this year, I want all my damn toys! Making my list and checking it twice…. That fat fuck doesn’t get to decide if I’ve been naughty or nice 😉





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