Remember? “… And Nothing But The Truth”?

More and more lately I am being allowed a ring-side seat – the show? The exposure of those amongst us who publicly spout one thing, while privately live another. Maybe you won’t be surprised at the number of people who, on the surface seem to be living in truth, but in reality the real truth is that their personas are not only comically public, but, privately dangerous.

Yes, “dangerous”. And my reason for using that word is quite deliberate – there are few things more dangerous than lies. Think about it. Think about the commitment it takes for someone to establish, then live a fallacy. Think about the pathology that must exist in a human to determine that that is the course of behavior they would like to pursue and the being they would like to live. To have the option to be anyone and to then decide to be someone of marginal substance is mind-blowing.

So, I have been watching as some are being stripped of their masks and others’ shines are turning to tarnish. I am laughing at some and shaking my head at others. In all instances, I am left wondering “what was the point?” Why would anyone choose to think that a lie, any lie can be sustained forever? Because to effectively and efficiently fool most, one would have to be dedicated to effectively and efficiently lying to all. For a lie to reach its intended target, lies would have to be sprinkled liberally throughout. Sigh. You see, the really interesting thing about duplicity is this – it cannot be sustained – our interactions are too many and… never forget there is Google! Truly. There is not a one of us that can take a step, make a footprint without leaving some social, physical or verbal DNA somewhere. There is also no one that has not as some point or the other, pissed off, rubbed the wrong way, caused jealousy or envy, or has even made someone somewhere so damned proud that they could be made to shut up about us. No news travels faster than pride or anger!

So it makes me wonder why people bother. Aside from the moral standpoint, I wonder why some still engage in behaviors, conversations and actions that can be exposed for their fraudulence. I marvel that, with all the strides we have made in the fight for racial equality, shattering the glass ceilings, education, technology, sexual rights and freedoms, we still insist on shackling ourselves with our own deceptions. I shake my head at the fact that some of the most profound of liars are the ones that are seemingly so very enlightened in other areas. Or maybe that makes perfect sense – the otherwise perfect image allows room for the duplicitous veils.

But, there are shattered masks littering the ground; people being exposed for what (yes what, not who) they truly are. But the saddening thing about this exposure is this – as the masks fall and shatter into a thousand pieces, so too do dreams, hope, trust, love, belief and faith. There are seldom any that are left untouched. So again I wonder, “what the fuck is the point? Until someone develops a “little blue pill” for lies, the reality is that there is absolutely no way you can continue to keep that shit up…

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